Body Spells

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Spell Index => Beauty Spells => Body Spells

Body spells help to alter the shape of your body, or the body of the intended target.

For the most part these spells will take a long time before the effects can be seen. Though a spell may only take minutes to cast it could take weeks if not months before the results are seen.

This should be taken into account before casting the same spell twice, as you may overdue the effects by having several similar spells all take effect at once.

More Free Body Spells

Dinosaur Transformation
Element Pact
Erectile Dysfunction Hex
Eyelash Growing
Fat Gain
Foot Tickling (Tested)
Glamour Spell
Half God Half Demon Spell
Healing Bath
Honey Elixer
Inflate with Goo
Invoking Aphrodite
Life Swap
Make Someone's Hair Fall Out
Mermaid Spell
More Power
Nature Binding Spell.
New Moon Psychic Bath
Opposite Shrink
Protection Ring
Real Mermaid
Relaxation Spell
Seraphian ''Spell of the lost''
Shapeshift into anything!!!!
Successful Surgery
The Kings Spirit
To Become More Ticklish
Turn Into Any Creature
Ultimate Fighter (Demonic)
Ward Against Miscarriage
Werewolf Bite
Wisdom in Days
Youthful Beauty
...T...'s CLEANSE OFF!!!
A Guide To Simple Palm Reading
A Sleep Spell (By RedRockets)
Activating Your Powers
Animal Shifting
Animal Transformation
Arthritis Healing Spell
Beauty Spell
Become a lamia
Bene valeas et quiescas somnus
Body Transformation
Calming Potion
Change into the opposite sex
Clear Acne
Cure a Stomach Ache
Curly or Straight Hair
Dragon Protection
Dragon wing growing cream
Enhanced Hearing
For Study and Concentration
Full Immortal Demon Spell
Get Tired Spell
Go To Sleep Routine
Happiness Tea
Healing for aches and pain
Healing Light
Healing Spell
Hoodoo Diet Spell
Increase Desireability
Insomniac's Sleep Aid
Luscious Locks
Magic Seal
Mermaid spell
Mirror Glamour Spell
More Passionate in Bed
New Moon Milk Bath
Open Mind
Physical Body Change
Psychic Attack
Real hybrid curse
Relaxation Ritual
Running Fast
Simple Healing
Skin Whitening
Sleep One
Soul Vampire Spell
Stop Yourself from Bleeding
To Heal the Soul
Voice of Siren Spell
Weight Loss
Wolf Neko Spell
Physical Body Change
Simple Skin Color Changing
3 Animal Transformation
A Diet Spell
A God Hex Note
A Mermaid Spell
A Pain-stopper
A Vampire Spell
A Vampire Spell.
A Werewolf Curse
A- Medication Spell
Achieve the Thigh Gap.
Acne Vanishing Spell
ALO Wings
Amethyst Healing Oil Spell
Angel Demon Hybrid Spell
Angel Spell ~ My Spell
Animal Morphing Potion
Animal Transformation
Anna Maria's Weight Loss Spell
Another World Skills
Anthropomorphic Animal Spell
Anti-Aging Spell
Aphrodite Body Change
Aphrodite Wish
Astral Projection
Astral projection spell
Aura DNA Reconstruction
Avian Wings
Avian/Wing Prayer
Banish Pimples
Basic Sleep
Bat Transformation
Be a Bird
Be a Mermaid
Beautiful Face
Beautiful Hands
Beautiful Werewolf
Beauty Be Mine
Beauty Eternity
Beauty Potion
Beauty spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell ~My Spell~
Become a Bird
Become a Certain Animal
Become a Duck
Become a Fire Elf
Become a Mermaid
Become A Mermaid
Become a Mermaid
Become a multi-fused Pokemon
Become a Neko
Become a Neko
Become a Neko!!
Become a Pokemon Shifter
Become a Saiyan
Become a Slayer
Become a Thing
Become a Vampire
Become a vampire
Become a Vampire in a Week
Become a Werewolf
Become a Witch
Become a yo-kai
Become an Angel
Become An Animal
Become any Werebeast
Become Demi-God
Become Half Demon and Half God
Become Strong for a Day
Become the ''Dream You''
Become your Own Vampire
Becoming aware of your energy
Beginner Glamour Spell
Best Ever Vampire
Better reflexes
Better Singing Voice
Bigger Breasts
Bigger Breasts Spell
Bigger penis!
Binding spell of witches
Bleeding Bones
Blessing for the Body
Blood Chalice Offering
Blueberry Expansion
Body Exchange
Body Hair Removal
Body of Aphrodite
Body Swap
Body Swap
Body Swap Spell
Body Swap Spell
Body Warmer
Brain shut down
Breast Enhancement
Breast Enlargement
Breast size spell
Breathe underwater
Bring Me Back Home
Bringing Back Virginity
Burning Pain Healing
Call the Angels
Calm Down
Calming spell
Calmness and Peace
Candle spell to lose weight
Cat Instincts
Cat Potion/Spell
Cat transformation
Centaur Spell
Chakra refresh
Change Cup Size
Change Eye Color
Change eye color
Change Eye Color
Change into another
Change your clothes instantly!
Change Your Eye Color
Change Your Eye Color
Change your gender
Changing Your Eye Color
Chant to Increase Confidence
Clairvoyance Potion
Clear as Night
Common Werewolf Spell
Control The Storms
Cool Off
Crap Pain Relief
Creature of the Nght
Cure a Cold
Cure Acne
Curing a headache
Cursing the Hidden Pain
Decay Someone's Beauty
Desrie Between You And Another
Diet Potion
Diet Spell
Dolphin Transformation Spell
Dragon Attention
Dragon Shifting
Dragon Transformation
Dream Hopper
Earthbound Knowledge
Ease a headache
Eat Less
Elemental Meditation
Elements Wings Potion
Elf Spell
Energy Massage
Energy Potion
Everlasting Youth
Extremely Easy Mermaid
Eye Color Change
Eye Color Change Spell
Eye Color Changing
Eye color Spell
Eye Colour Spell
Eye-Colour Changing Spell
Faerie Spell
Fairy of Water
Fairy Potion
Fairy spell
Fallen Angel
Fang Spell
Fast Like the Wind
Fat Curse
Feel the Heat Spell
Find Yourself
Fix a Flaw
Flight and Sight
Fly with Wings
For Beauty
Forming into Vampire 1
Freya's Weight Loss Spell
Full Moon Prayer
Gain the Third Eye
Garcinia Diet Potion
Gender Bed
Gender Spell
Gender Switch
Gender Switch
Get Skinny
Get wings in 2 hours
Give Him a Feminine Figure
God Spell
Good Health Wishing
Good Voice: Charmed Gum
Grow 7 inches
Grow Ears or Wings
Grow Hair
Grow muscle
Grow Retractable Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings Spell
Growing Potion
Gypsy Healing Spell
Hair grow faster
Hair Growth
Hair Growth
Hair Growth Spell
Half Demon Spell
HALF DRAGON (continued)
Heal a Headache
Heal Pain Spell
Healing a broken heart
Healing a cut for Beginners
Healing Bath
Healing Here or There
Healing New Cuts
Healing Rocks for Attraction
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell for Infants
Heat Rash Healing Spell
Help me breath
Herbal Health Poppet
Hourglass Hips
How to Become a Demon
How to Become a Vampire
How To Become An H20 Mermaid
How to get Telepathy
How to Grow Fangs
How to grow wings in 2-4 days
How to Make a Chi Ball
How to Make a Spell
How to run REALLY fast
Hybrid Spell
Ice Spell
Ill with Lycanthropy
Increase Beauty
Inflation Spell
Isis Healing Potion
Lamia Ritual A
Life Flower
Light as a feather
Lightning Touch
Live for Eternity Charm
Longer Hair Chant
Loose Spirit
Lose Weight
Lose Weight Faster
Lower your Body Temperature
Magic Mirror of Beauty
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make Hair Fall Out
Make Your Feet Bigger
Make Your Own Spell
Make Your Veins Glow
Make Yourself Warm
Male Anthro
Massage to Cleanse the Chakras
Material Skin Spell
Merhuman 2
Mermaid 2
Mermaid Potion
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell (NEW)
Mermaid Spell/potion
Mermaid Transformation Spell
Mermaiden Spell
Merman with Powers
Mind Control
Mind Transfer
Mood Relief
Moon Phases Wings Spell
Morning Dew
Necromantic Meditation
Neko Potion
Neko Spell
Neko Transform
New moon mermaid spell
New Moon Shifting Spell
New Vampire
New Wings
Night Vision
No Fears
Nyx Astral Projection
One Week Mermaid
Open Third Eye
Pain Bane
Painkiller Potion
Penis Enlargement
Perfect teeth
Perfection and Beauty
Personal Cleansing
Physical Body Change
Physically Change your Body
Pokémon Shifting
Potion of protection
Powerful Beauty Spell
Pranic meditation
Prolonged survival
Protection Spell (spell bible)
Psychic Training
Quick Hypnotic Induction
Rapunzel's Hair
Real Mermaid Spell
Red Eyes
Relaxing Bath
Release stress
Remove Negative Energy
Reverse Spell
Rose Water
Run Free with the Wind
Saturn Banishing
Scratch Eradication
See Inten
See with your Hands
Self Hypnotic Kittycat
Self Thermo controling
Senses Blessing
Shape Shift
Shape Shifting
Shape shifting potion
Shapeshift spell*UNTESTED*
Shapeshifting Spell
Shrink my Waist
Shun pain
Sickness Spell
Simple Wings Spell
Singing Spell
Siren charm spell!
Skin/Acne Healing
Skinny Doo
Sleep or Knockout Spell
Sleep Well
Slimmer Waist 2016 ~My Spell~
Smooth Skin
Snake's Venom
So you Want to be a Vampire
Special Wolf Spell
Speed and Agility
Spell for Beautiful Hair
Spell for BodyWarmth
Spell for Good Health
Spell to be Stronger
Spell to Change Eye Color
Spell to gain weight
Spell to Grow Wings(untested)
Spell to See Spirits
Spells for Longevity
Start a New
Stop Hearing Someone
Stop Minor Bleeding
Stop Turning Into a Mermaid
Strength Spell
Super Form
Super Heavy
Super Speed Shoes
Supernatural Beauty
Tail Spell
Tail Spell
Tall spell
Temporary Strength
The Anifornum
The Beer Bath
The Curse of Ashton
The Life of a Black Kangaroo
The Shadow Spell
Throat Healing
Tiger Spell!!!!!
To Banish Personal Negativity
To Become a Girl or a Boy
To Cast Pain Away
To cure a headache
To gain Energy
To get rid of Writers Block
To Grow
To Grow Wings
To see if you are a vampire
To see what you are
To Spread Cancer
Traditional Vampire Spell
Transfiguration Spell
Transform into a Dragon
Transformation Potion
True beauty spell
True Love
Turn into a Beautiful Fairy
Turn into a Creature
Turn Into a Dog
Turn into Minecraft Skin
Turn Into Your Pet Species
Turn one's self into a vampire
Undo a Spell
Vampire Attributes Ritual
Vampire No More
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell #2
Vampire Spell 2017 ~My Spell~
Vampire Spell work fast
Vampire Transformation
Vampire Transformation Spell
Very Powerful Vampire spell
Vore Belly
Warm You Up
Warrior Cats
Water Meditation Spell
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Spell ~My Spell~
Well Being Spell
Were-Wolf Azue
Werecat Spell
Weretoaster Transfiguration
Werewolf Enchantment
Werewolf Meditation
Werewolf Possession
Werewolf spell
Werewolf spell
Werewolf Spell ~My Spell~
Werewolf Transformation
Werewolf/Lycanthrope spell
White Teeth Spell
Wing Shifter Spell
Wing Spell
Wings in 2 hours
Wings Potion
Wings Spell
Wish to be something
Wizard to Wizard
Wolf Powers
Wolf Tail Spell
Wolf Transformation Ritual
Wolfsburg Veins
Working God Spell
Youth Preserved
5 Spells in one
A Good Choice
Amazing Voice
Anger Relief Tea
Animal Transformation
Attraction Spell
Aura Healing Tea
Aura Reading Spell
Bannishing Fear & Shame spell
Bat Transformation
Bear Spell
Beauty Parts of Body
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Become a Fairy
Become a Mermaid in 1 Week
Become a Shadow
Become One With Nature
Block Out Noise
Body Transformation
Calmness, Memory, and Thinking
Change Eye Color
Change Hair Color
Change Something About You
Change your eye colour
Chi Release
Cleansing the Aura 2
Color Healing
Courage, Wisdom, and Power
Crystal Healing
Diet Spells
Dragon Force *Tested*
Dragon Spell
Dragon Spell
Dragons Blood
Easy Healing
Element Armor
Elephant Trunk
Ellion's Beauty
Energy Wings
Eye Changing
Eye Color
Eye Color Change
Eye Color Changing Spell
Eye Colour Changing Spell
Fae Walking
Fall Ill
Fast Book Reading
Female Giantess
Finger Control
Fireproof Potion
Food Chant
Gender Coin Curse
Get Rid of Pain
Grow Hair
Grow Hair Spell
Hair Growth
Hallucination Spell
Headache relief
Healing a Wound
Healing Skin
Healing Spell
Healing Towel
Herbal Milk Bath
Horse Attraction
Hypnotic Song
Indigo Wings Spell
Inu spell
Joy Power
Levitate Chant
Longer Nails
Magic Senses
Make It Ugly
Master of Breathing
Mermaid potion
Mermaid potion
Mermaid spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mood Feeling =
My Weight Loss Spell
Natural Clensing Scrub
Neko (Revenge)
Neko Spell
New moon mermaid spell
Nose Changing
Oil of Healing
Pain Relief
Peeling Skin Elixer
Pheonix warmth spell
Pink Hair Spell
Potato Weight Loss
Protect Someone From Accidents
Protection Bath
Purifying Bath
Rapid Hair Growth Spray
Reflect Instinct
Removing stretch marks
Rid Yourself of Lice
Rosemary Herbal Tea
See If You Are a Vampire
Self Esteem
Shapeshift into anything
Simple Protection
Simple Vampire Spell
Singing Enhancement
Skin Care Spell
Sleeping Spell
Smaller or Bigger Senses
Soft Skin
Soothing Foot Soak
Speed and Strength
Spell for Beauty and Youth
Spell To Stay Awake
Stop Sneezing Spell
Switching Bodies
Taking Away Pain from Injuries
Temporary No Pain
The Best Attitude
The Phoenix Touch
To Gain Energy
To Grow Wings
Trading Places
True Beauty
Turns a Person into a Baby
Vampire Spell
Vampire spell
Vampire Transformation
Very Beautiful
Warts Be Gone!
Weight Gain
Weight loss
Weight Loss Spell
Were-cat Potion (Extra)
Werewolf spell
White Werewolf
Wolf Shape Shifting
You Are Sleepy Potion
Become Half Angle Half Demon with Retractable Wings
Bless Water ( For Power Of Life )
Conjuring the Mermaid Within You
Full demon/god combination spell
God Spell - To become a god unreversible (Acain)
How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water
Lung Cleanse ( Better Meditation )
Partly transform into a werebeast
Salt Salt Water Spiritual Remedy – For Removing Negative Energy
Spell to become any werebeast even hybrid werebeasts
Switch Bodies With Any Girl (Have to be under 16)
Third eye Decalcification Chant
Warning Incense Burners Herbalists
(18+ only) Futanari Curse (Curse A Woman To Grow A Large Penis)
Afterlife Demon Transformation
Blessed Bath and Ridding yourself of Bad/Negative Energies
Cleansing/Healing by your Spirit Guide(s) or Familiar(s) Spell
Encourage Weight-loss (Formatted)
Replace Your Eyes with Any Creatures
The Best mermaid spell in the world
To cause one you love to become ten times more beautiful
A Official Vampire Spell (By RedRockets)
A (Official) New Vampire Spell By Acain
Add A Bit Of Vampire To Your Soul
Another Mermaid Spell. A BeccaSullen spells productions.
Be able to change into an animal spell
Become a Neko of Any Animal-Type
Become one with the wind (Permanant)
Become Part Angel and Part Demon
Bigger Butt Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Blessing of Physically Enhancing Your Body
Body Swap Spell 2016 ~My Spell~ Requested By ''RHS''
Crocodile/Aligator Shifter spell
For Kaylee: Derpy's Mermaid Transforming
Grow a Tail...Well it worked for me
Half demon spell (really works)
Invisibility and Un-View Notice Toggle
Levitation Spell From ''Salem'' TV Show
Make yourself cold or hot feeling
Mermaid Spell That Really Works!!
Official Vampire Spell (By Insidious)
People see you as you want to be Seen
Physical and Spiritual Connection Spell
Reformed Recipe to Grow your wings
Rid yourself of anger/sorrow/any negative thoughts.
Sightless to Everyone but Yourself
Succubus/Incubus Transformation
Switch between human form and dragon form
To Make Your Mer-Wish Come True
True Blood Inspired Vampire Spell.
Turn someone else into something
vampire spell works i got it from my demon freindAKA(lucifer)and yes i talk to him
werewolf chant that works XD (for boys and girls)
Wolf shapeshift spell (New, untested)
Youth and Longevity Potion Ritual
Better Singing Voice by MermaidTale
Dog (Shapeshifter) Transformation
Infuse Yourself With Vampyric Energy
Official Vampire Spell (By RedRockets)
Reverse spell for becoming a god/goddess
Transformation from Human to Animal
breast growth & butt growth
hair growth potion
mantra to open root chakra
mermaid spell tamsyn
sickness over someone
100% real shapeshifting spell
age spell
anger boils
bigger breasts
canine love spell
change ur age spell
death potion
lose weight
one week werewolf spell
real vampire spell
sonic oc spell
stomach shrinking potion
the spell of pure mind
turn a person into a baby
vampire spell that is powerful
werecat ritual
werewolf spell
become a vampire
real mermaid spell
ritual for werewolfisim by nyanwolf
here's a spell to become the demonwolf or dracowolf or the demonicdracowolf as a combination
neko spell (become any type of neko)
subliminal affirmations wish spell.
turn yourself into another person/poly juice potion
word spell that makes you a mermaid
Easy, Proven Wishes
Eye changing spell (Complex)
Fallen Angle Seal Spell No.2
Fat Spell
Female body curse
Gender Spell
Glamour Spell for Gender
Hand Healing
Healing Pain
How to Make a Psi Ball
Invoke the Three Power
Lemon-based Weight Loss
Luck, Health, Fit and Strong
Mermaid/Merman Spell
Moving Belly
Neko Transformation
No More Tickles
Peaceful Dreams
Real Magick Mermaid
Reject Negative Energy
Rose Beauty Bath
Shape Shifting
Spell for cat ears
Teen Wolf Beta Werewolf Spell
Transform into a hyena at will
Ultimate Werewolf Spell
Warming spell
Winged Neko Spell
Wolf shift
1 Pound A Day
A Real hybrid curse Pt.2
Activate your Inner Witch
An Herbal Beauty Charm Spell
Animal Spell
Appreciation of Creation
Awakening Your Spirit
Become A God/Goddess
Become the child of any demon
Blessing of Satan
Busting Buttons
Calming Sleep Potion
Candle Weight loss
Change your Eye Color
Cleansing beauty bath spell
Cool off any part of your body
Cure the Illness
Dark Angel
Dragon transformation
Energy Drain
Faster Wound Healing
Full Demon or God
Get rid of a Headache
Giant Butt
Go into a Trance
Grow a tail spell
Headache Relief
Healing Image
Healing Potion
Healing the Body
How To Make a Psi Ball
Increase Psychic Vision Spell
Inner Fire by Blade and Blood
Lust Potion
Magical Creature
Meditation Spell
Mermaid Spell (Version 2)
Moon Light Eyes and Wolf Eyes
Neko Spell
One with Dragons
Patience Spell
Power of 3 wish spell (easy)
Prayer Before Meals
Quileute Wolf
Real Vampire Spell
Remember a Dream
Run Faster
Self Purification Spell
Shh, Listen
Simple Sight
Sleep at Peace
Small Scratch Healer
Stay Awake
The power spell
Vanity and Beauty
Warm Me Up
Weight Gain Spell
Weight Loss Potion
Wolf Shift
Release Anger
18 Again Spell
600 Years Of Perfect Health
A doll bewitched
A love spell
A Mermaid Spell
A Vampire Spell
A Vampire Spell
A werewolf
A Yogurt Facial
Abilities Spell
Acne Begone
ADHD potion
Albino Alicorn
Amethyst Healing
An Eye Color Changing Spell
Angel Spell xx
Angelic Voice
Animal Ears
Animal Traits Spell
Animal transformation spell
Another God Spell
Anthropomorphic Pokemon
Antler Spell
Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty
Appearence Change
Astral Projection Control
Astral travel
Aura Seeing
Avian/Angel/Whatever Wings
Avoid Being Out of Breath
Aztec Temple Enchantmant
Balance the Elements
Basic Protection
Bath to Look Younger
Be a Mermaid
Be Beautiful/Handsome
Beautiful Face
Beautiful for a Day
Beautiful Singing Voice
Beauty and Youth
Beauty Chant
Beauty of Face and Body
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell *TESTED*
Beauty Time Girlfriend
Become a Cat
Become a Demon
Become A Fairy
Become a God
Become a Mermaid
Become a Mermaid
Become a Mermaid / Merman
Become a Neko
Become a Neko
Become A Neko
Become A Pokemon
Become a Predacon
Become a Shapeshifter
Become a Spell Master
Become a Vampire
Become a Vampire
Become a Vampire
Become a Werebeast
Become a Witch
Become a Witch Spell
Become an Angel
Become an Angel
Become an Energy Vampire
Become Beautiful! *WORKS*
Become Half Demon
Become Kryptonian
Become Stronger
Become Whatever
Before a spell tea
Bendy's Curse
Better masturbation
Better senses
Better Skin Potion
Bigger Breasts
Bigger Butt
Binding Ceremony
Bless a Spirit
Blood Red Pupil Spell
Body Change
Body Guard
Body Keeper
Body Rebirth
Body Swap
Body Swap
Body Swap spell
Body Switch Spell
Body warmming
Branch of Sin
Breast Enhancement
Breast Expansion
Breast/butt enlargement
Bring a Toy to Life
Bring Stuffed Animal to Life
Burn Off Fat
Butterfly Wings
Calm anxiety spell
Calming Down Spell
Calming Spell
Candle Spell to Change Fate
Cat #2
Cat Like Sense & Reflexes
Cat Shifting
Catgirl Spell
Chakra Bath
Change Back From a Vampire
Change eye color
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color Spell
Change your Clothes
Change your Eye Color
Change your Eye Color
Change your eye color.
Changing Identity
Changing Your Skin Color
Circle's Werewolf Spell
Cleansing Beauty Bath
Clear Skin Spell
Control the Darkness
Control Weight Gain
Cover Gray Hair
Create your own Wings
Cure a Cough or Sore Throat
Cure for HIV/AIDS
Curse sealing scroll and mark
Dead Eye (Demonic)
Demon possesion
Develop Aerokinesis
Diet spell
Discover someones inner self
Dispell a Headache
Dragon Shifter
Dragon Transformation
Dragons Abilities
Dry and works
Earthen Strength
Easy Eye Magic
Elemental Blood Bind
Elemental Power Up
Emotion Eye Color Change Spell
Energy Meditation
Enhance Physique
Extra Contraceptive (Females)
Eye color change
Eye Color Change
Eye color Changing
Eye Color Magic
Eye Color Spell
Eye of Spades
Eyes of Night
Faerie Wings
Fairy 2
Fairy Ointment *WORKS*
Fairy Spell
Fairy Wings
Falling Spell
Fat Curse
Fat Spell
Feel like or Become a Cat
Find Your Elements
Fire Protection
Flatter Stomach
Flip Reversal
Flying (No Wings)
Free as a Bird
Full moon mermaid spell
Gain Energy
Gain Weight
Gem Attributes
Gender Change (Female)
Gender Swap
Gender Switch
Get Faster
Get Thinner Spell
Get Your Dream Body
Give Him a Female Figure
Glamour Spell
Good Luck Lotion
Green Eye Spell
Grow and Shrink at your Will
Grow Hair
Grow Hair Spell
Grow Quick
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings in 2-4 Days
Growing Appendages
Growth Potion
Hair color spell change
Hair growing position *tested*
Hair Growth
Hair growth potion
Hair spell
Half Dragon
Half Goddess and Half Demoness
Heal a Female wound Spell
Heal Illness Chant
Healer Mage Healing
Healing (Cancer)
Healing a Cut
Healing and Inner self spell
Healing Family
Healing Liquid
Healing Others
Healing Simple
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell
Healthy Living
Help Lose Weight Faster
Herbal Acne Remedy
Hold Breath for 1 Hour
How to become a Demon
How to become a vampire
How to become an Angel
How to get cat ears and a tail
How to Grow a Unicorn Horn
How To Grow Wings
How to Hurt or Kill Someone
How To Make A Magic Wand
How to read Auras
How to Transform into Anything
Icy Touch
Immortal Giant
Inner Dragon
Internal Enegry
Kagura's Wing Spell
Keep Beauty from Fading
Levito Marble
Life Swap
Light Body Meditation
Link With Fire For Energy
Long Slender Legs
Look Magnificant
Lose More Weight
Lose Weight
Love potion_69.1
Lucifer Spell
Magic Returning
Make a Friend a Vampire
Make Something Heavier
Make Your Hair Grow
Make your own Spell Hints
Make Yourself Irresitible
Make Yourself Warmer
Mana Potion
Mater Dolorosa
Meditation Mantra
Mermaid in One Day
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid spell by:~Cleomermaid2
Mermaid Transformation
Mermaid when wet spell
Merman Spell
Mihans Growth
Mind Control
Modified Body Swap
Moon Blessing
Moon Pool Mermaid Spell
Multi-Body Change Assist
Muscular Chest
My Hair Growth Spell
Negative energy
Neko spell
Neko Spell by Nekogirl98
Neko Transformation (TESTED)
New Moon Shifter
New Moon Shifting Spell -
New wing spell (works)
Night Vision
NYA Become a...NEKO!!!
Observe From a Tree
Open the Third Eye
Openin the Chakras
Pain Cure
Paraplegic Fix
Penis Enlargement Spell
Perfect Teeth
Permanent Body Swap
Physical Body Change
Physically Change Body
Pine Oil
Pokemon Spells
Pollyjuice Potion
Potion to Grow wings
Power/emotion shifting spell.
Pranic breathing
Pre-Workout spell
Prophetic Dreams and Visions
Psychic enhancement potion.
Pull Of Ur Thumb
Rabbit Transformation
Real Mermaid
Real Mermaid Spell
Recover from Sickness
Relax Yourself
Relaxing spell
Release The Inner You Spell
Robot Transformation
Run faster spell
Saiyan cells spell
Scars Vanish
See in the Night
See Into the Future
See your Dead Self
Self Image
Sense increasing spell
Sexual spell
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifting
Shapeshifter Potion
Shapeshifting Dragon Spell
Show your inner beauty
Shrink Someone
Shrinking Potion
Simple Sleeping Spell
Singing Ritual
Singing Voice
Siren Mermaid
Sleep Spell
Slime Skin Curse
Smart Spell
Smooth Skin Spell
Snap Wishes
Special Dingo shifting spell
Spell for a wolf tail
Spell for Beauty
Spell for Clear Skin
Spell for Physical Body Change
Spell to become a mermaid
Spell to Change Your Eye Color
Spell to give you wings
Spell To Help Lose Weight
Spell to see the Magic Kingdom
Spring Time Psychic sun Tea
Stay Awake
Stop Infection
Stop the Cough
Strong Mental Shift (dog)
Summon a Vamp
Super Hearing
Super Saiyan God
Superhuman abilitys
Swiftness Potion
Switch bodies
Tail Spell
Talking to Spirits
Temporary Tail and/or Ears
The Beautiful Voice Spell
The Body's Curse
The Kings Ring
The Posiedon Effect
The Shapeshifting Curse
Third Eye Opening
Tickle Spell
To Aid Falling Asleep
To Become a Demon
To become one with the Earth
To Change Your Hair Color
To Cure A Headache
To get Rid of Warts
To grant power
To Grow Wings
To Make Someone Ugly
To See In The Dark
To Soften a Heart
To Stop Someone From Harming
Transform into a Bat
Transform into a Wolf at Will
Transformation Ceremony
True Beauty
True half demon spell
True Twilight Vampire Spell
Turn Into a Cat
Turn into a Dog
Turn Into a Unicorn
Turn into your original self
Turn Me Invisible
Turn yourself into a Vampire
Unlock the Power of Your Eyes
Vampire Attributes Ritual
Vampire for eternity
Vampire spell
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell (Tested Plenty)
Vampire Spell for everyone
Vampire Spelll Works
Vampire transformation
Vampire Transformation Spell
Vanilla Anti-anxiety Chant
Voluptuous breasts
Warm Me Up
Wart Vanishing Spell
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight loss/gain spell
Were-cat Potion
Werecat Enchantment
Werewolf Instantly
Werewolf meditation shifting
Werewolf Ritual
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf Spell (TESTED, WORKS)
Werewolf Transformation
Werewolf Transformation
What I Imagine
White Wings
Wing Growth Ritual Pt.1
Wing spell
Wing Spell
Wings Meditation
Wings Spell
Wings Spell
Witch spell
Wolf spell
Wolf Transformation
Wolf Transformation spell
Women's Fertility Spell
Youth Preserved
6 Elements Invoking
A Spell For Sleep
Angel spell
Animal Ear and Tail of a Fox
Anubis Eye
Aura Cleansing
Aura of Clarent
Awaken Brain Abilities
Awesome Clone
Banishing Bad Habits
Basic Meditation
Be Able To Run Fast
Beauty in Love
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell by MermaidTale
Become a Magical Girl
Become a Neko
Become Good at Singing
Become Part Ghost
Better Smell
Body Cleansing
Calming spell
Cat Sight
Change Eye Color
Change Part of your Body
Change Your Eye Color Spell
Charming Star Beauty
Cleanse Mind
Cleansing Ritual
Clear Skin Spell
Control Inner Energy
Create a Godform Spell
Dark Interprise
Dog or Wolf Transformation
Dragon Shifting
Dragon Spell
Dragon Transformation
Easy Healing
Eating Disorder Banishing
Elemental Cleansing Shower
Elf Transformation
Energy Gain
Enhanced Speed & Strength
Eye Changing Spell
Eye Color
Eye Color Change
Eye Colour Change
Fade Walking
Fairy Of The Night Spell
Female Breast Enlargement
Find Element
Fireproof Potion
Five-Knot Elemental Blessing
Gain the Triforce Birthmark!
Get Long Hair
Get Rid of Ringworm
Grow a Dog's Ears and Tail
Grow Hair
Grow Wings
Hair Growth spell
Hand Levitation
Healing Potion
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing your Sister
Herbal Remedy for Sunburn
Holy Water Healing
How To Make a Wand
Illusion of Height
Increase Senses Abilities
Intense Version of Yourself
Invisibility Spell
Lady Oriel Healing
Levitation Spell (Real)
Lose the Weight of Your Body
Magic Tips
Make You Fall Asleep Fast
Mermaid Potion
Mermaid Potion with Powers
Mermaid spell
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell
My Spell To See Better
Nail of Anger
Necklace Mermaid Spell
Neko Spell
New Merman
New moon mermaid spell 2
Nose Turning
Patience Spell
Perfect Your Nose
Physical Body Change
Please Love Me
Power spell
Promoting Spiritual Growth
Purification Spell
Random Acid Reflux Spell
Real Mermaid Spell
Relaxation Spell
Restoration of Minor Injury
Ritual of Oneness
Run Fast
Self Confidence Spell
Self Healing
Shape-Shifting Into a Hare
Simple Brainwash
Simple Stress Relief Potion
Sing Like an Angel
Skill Point
Skin Spell
Sleep Well
Smooth Skin
Soothing Foot Soak
Sorcerer's Snow
Speed of Anger
Spell To Lose Weight
Stop Bleeding
Straight Spine
Super Speed Spell
Temperature Control
The Anifornum
The Darkest Closet
Tiger Transformation
To Get into Your Real Body
To Steal A Soul
Transform into Creatures
Turn Into a Mermaid
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell
Venus Beauty
Water Meditation
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Weight loss spell!!!
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf spell
Wings Spell
Wolf Neko (Okami) Spell
Wolf Spell
Wound Heal
Younger Spell
Become A FNAF Animatronic in Your Dreams
Become Half Demon and Half God And Choose your demon and goddess parent.
Cleansing the Body of Negative Energies
Female Breast Enhancement Lotion Massage
God spell (boys only),Goddess spell (girls only) and Demon spell (for boys and girls)
Help The Weight-loss Of Someone You Know
How to make moon water ( Luna water )
Molding Light Of Transformation
Reverse famous blood red pale skin vampire spell
Solar Eclipse: Strengthen Personal Energy
Summon a Goo creature inside you
Tested Spell to become a Demon Irreversible
Tibetan Buddhist Gau Love Spell
Werehyena spell (works, other one i made doesn't)
A spell to change your eye color.
Become a Demon and Choose the Type
Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing
Emotion Eye Color Change Spell ~My Spell~
Meditation and the Astral Plane
Spell to make you or friend a wizard
To boldly go where no man has gone before
Vampire Spell (WARNING: No Turning Back)
Metamorphic Vampire Transformation
A Simple Werewolf Transformation
All-purpose Beauty potion and Chant
Bath for Beauty, Love, and Lust (Aphrodite Bath)
Become A Crystal Gem From Steven Universe Version 2
Become a Powerful Witch or Wizard
Become or Not Become a Creature
Better Singing Spell ~ MermaidTale
Bless a Brush to Quicken Hair Growth
Blondie's spell to cure a broken heart
Change Your Eye Color Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Eye Color Change Spell (2017) My Spell
God Spell (Warning instant and permanent) i tested this it worked for me.
Grow an Animal Tail and/or Ears
How to become a human again from any spell
Invoke The Prime Element Within Yourself
Luscious Locks and Beautiful Eyes
mermaid potion/spell REALLY WORKS
Mermaid Spell to Candace1452 by MermaidTale
Opening Your 3rd Eye Spell Rite
Personality, Talent, and Look Spell
Psycho Kinesis Pill to develope fully 100% In an hour or more
Relaxation Spiritual Healing Oil
Second werewolf spell (not tested(
Spell to return your identity back.
Summoning of Seth/Set the Demon IN MIND
To increase Health and Vitality
Traditional 'Vampire Becoming' Spell
Tsumikification Spell (Boys only)
Vampire Spell to become a vampire.
Vampire Tranformation (really works)
Werewolf/Lycanthrope/Loup-garou spell
Your Hands Will Lift By Themseleves
Beginners Breathing Exercises (1)
Change Your Enemy into Anything
Herbal Mixture for Mental Magic Enhancement
Nose, Eyes, and Ears of Bad Luck
Potion Making 101: The Sleep Potion
The Triple Goddess Mind and Body Spell
breast enlargement
fountain of youth
havmand metamorphose
mermaid spell
simple mermaid spell
wolfblood spell
a mermaid potion
an official mermaid spell
anthro animal transformation
becpme a morpher spell
bigger butt spell
change race spell (tested)
cure for boils potion
get dragonic abilities
love spell
planet spell
soul transfer spell
stop loosing breath
testing a spell
to heal a burn
vampire spell
weight loss spell
werefox curse by 22044girl
a curse of lycanthropy
body switch potion
wolf shape shifting spell by wolfavatar12
control the sun in seconds spell
mermaid spell p.s it's the one were you say a word and turn into a mermaid
spell to turn into a vampire over night
sword talent of the god flarion
werejackal spell original and works


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