Mermaid Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -A full moon
  • -Water
  • -Bowl or Bathroom sink
  • -Hand held/Palm sized or small mirror
  • -A special item (Necklace, bracelet, ring, etc.)
  • -A towel to dry your hands after
  • -A window near by

As the name says this is a mermaid spell that turns you into a mermaid.

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid Spell'

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-Prepare and gather your items in the location you wish to cast your spell. It should be near a window where you can see the full moon.

-Fill your bowl or sink with water. This can be salt water or fresh water, just depends on the ocean type around you. The bowl or sink must be close or near by a window with a view of the full moon.

-Put the mirror at the bottom of the bowl or sink directly in the middle.

-Place the item you chose in the middle of the mirror and if a necklace coil the chain around then place the charm on top of the chain it's on.

-Open the curtain and let the moonlight shine upon the bowl or sink with the mirror and item. Look into the mirror at the bottom of the sink or bowl then begin to speak/chant the spell slowly and with conviction and a strong belief that the spell will work.

-Take the necklace out of the water once done and set it on the window ledge or in the moonlight, still wet. Go to sleep and still have faith that the spell with work.


"I call to thee, O mermaids of the sea.Please ones who are basked in beauty, blessed with the gift of song, controllers of the elements. Grant my eternal wish of the sea. Grant me powers like thee, a voice like thee and a gorgeous tail. Grant me this wish and set me free, for I will be eternally grateful and forever loyal to thee."

DISCLAIMER: I do not know if this spell will work. I already have cast a spell and don't want to risk the two spells clashing. If it works for you and you get side effects please don't hesitate to message me the side effects and I'll add them to this when I can.


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