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Covens are groups of spell casters who gather together for a common purpose. They are led by either a High Priestess or a High Priest, or in some cases both. Covens are given a board which members of the Coven may write on, a spell book where the Council can add spells, articles and videos and the ability for the High Priestess or Priest to make their spellbooks open to the public.

The following Covens exist in

Spell Casters

The Spell Casters are open to everyone.People in the Spell Casters are all automaticlly set to council position where they can add spells.

Black Cross

Black Cross is a coven for those who wish to take an alternate look at things. Here we teach something this site has been missing, we teach the usual, but we also teach the dark arts and the teachings of the Left Hand Path. We currently have over 50 pages of information from Christian Witchcraft to Demonology. We are not a coven which welcomes role-playing nor disrespect. We accept all whom are tolerant regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, ability or disability. Please leave your ego at the door.

Following are smaller covens.
The Air Element
Natural Magick
Gypsy Witchcraft
Christian Wiccans
The Dark and Light
Angelic Touch
The Path of the Shaman
Second Sight
Council of Knowledge
Teen Witches
The Legion of Light and Dark
The Broom Closet
Shadows of Solitary Witches
Acquaintance with Darkness
Element Magick
Penta Magic
Raven's Gate
Divine Essence
Magical Beings Working Alone
The Immortal's Keep
Baying Wolves
Council of Earna
Magical Knights
Black Twilight
The Twisted Nether

Following are smaller groups, yet to have reached that status of coven.
The Seven Doves
Higher Magicks
Practical Witches

Restricted Covens
Membership to the following covens is restricted. Any inqueries into joining these covens will be ignored and you will be barred from ever joining them.
The Order
Brothers Enigmatic
Sisters Arcana

Currently no new covens may be created.

Inactive Covens
The following covens have inactive leadership. You may apply to take over one of these covens.

You must be a member of SoM to lead a coven.

Practical Witches
Raven's Gate

General rules for leading a coven:

  1. The general goal/theology of the existing coven should remain. A "Black Magic" coven can not change its purpose to be about white magic (for example)
  2. Write a short summary and a detailed description of your coven. View your coven's page, if it doesn't look well formatted, reformat it.
  3. When you have 13+ members, upload icons and logos for your coven. Follow the image guidelines exactly, failure to do so is the quickest way to lose your coven
  4. You should leave exisitng spells/articles, but feel free to edit them if you think you can do a better job at writing them

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