Mind Transfer

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Intense Focus

Trhough the 'correct' use of this spell, it is possible to transfer the mind to another person for a time. Theory holds that if it is mastered, one can achieve immortality by transfering from a old body to a younger one.

Casting Instructions for 'Mind Transfer'

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Meditate and clear the mind. For necromancers; follow out the first ordeal. When the mind is then free, think clearly using the third eye and intense visualization and focus of a person you with to transfer awareness, and consciousness to. Hold the image clearly within your mind of this person, everything of who they are and what they look like. As you do this, speak aloud or silently this phraze:

Yug! Ngha Kyun Bthgth Gllur Phnglui Yzkaa!

If done correctly this shall hold for a length of 2 seconds up to a full 15 minutes at first. But after a time and practice, this can be done to hold permanently, or as long as you wish it to. But remember this: A strong mind can enter the weak of minds, but not the weak entering the strong. If you would like the proper pronounciation of this verse please feel free to private message me. I shall try to help.

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