Become a Shapeshifter

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle (any color)

This is to become a person CAPABLE of transforming into animals. I will do another on how to actually transform. But you need this first.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Shapeshifter'

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Light the candle. Focus on the flame for a few minutes.

After that, close your eyes and lay down. Imagine yourself, and imagine a red glow engulfing your form. Let your image fade into that silhouette of the red glowing energy. When ready, imagine the silhouette going down on all fours. It will slowly start to resemble a random animal. This will be your first non-human form. It will keep changing until it is a definite image of the animal.

After relaxing and looking at the animal, it will eventually look at you. When this happens, whisper this spell out loud ONCE.

"I call upon the wild spirits, to make me what I wish to be. I wish to be able to turn into the (what animal it is) in front of me. I shall become a shapeshifter, and learn to transform easily. With quick and easy formation, let my dream become reality."

If the animal speaks (not English, like meowing for a cat or rumbling for an alligator), it worked. Do the next spell "Shapeshift" to be able to turn into it. In your mind, say goodbye respectfully to the animal and you may open your eyes.

If the animal remains silent, either it didn't work or the animal isn't actually going to be your first form. Either way, you can try it again. If you see that same animal, you know that it will be your first form.


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