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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Clear Mind.

This spell actually works! This spell will give you more speed and strenth.

Casting Instructions for 'Kaio-ken'

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Stand in anyroom. Clear your mind of any thoughts.
Now, squat down as if you were siting on a hoarse.
Then tighten your stomac. Think of 3 balls of Energy.
1 In your stomac and 1 on each foot. Spread the ki
that is in your stomac to all the parts of your body.
Right to the tip of your toes to the top of your
head and to the tips of your fingers.Keep your Eyes closed though
this. When you have done that, start to move to 2 balls
of energy at your feet in circles.MOve them around both
your feet. now slowly start to bring them up. Keep them going
around in circles up to your head. .Getting faster and faster.
By the the balls are at your head, the balls of energy should be moveing really fast. When they reach your head, wanit 3 seconds,
then put your arms up to your chest in a X position. Swing them down
so that your nuckles of your fist are faceing down. Then YELL.,
kaio-ken.(PRONOUNCED Ka-o-Ken) You should feel more powerful
and have more energy. You cna also say Kaio-ken times 2 3 4 5 etc.
This will give you more energy but will be harrder to do.
Message me if you are having trouble. :)


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