Dragon Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Transform into a dragon.

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Spell'

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1) Have a strong, clear visualization of what you want to look like. If this is too difficult then look for a picture of one on the internet.

2) Chant the following while picturing the dragon you want to be:

"Scales of midnight,
Sight beyond sight.
Transform me with a dragon's might.

(POWERS) I can control,
Lightning crash and thunder roll.
Morph my body and my soul.

Scales emerging, eyes reptilian.
Intelligence of men of a million.
Strength beyond men of a billion.

pain I can ultimatly endure,
Dragon's knowledge is always sure,
Into my lair I shall lure.

Dragon God, hear my request,
As a dragon I shall rest,
Dragon God, change my flesh.

So mote it be."

And you're done. It will take about a week, but may take longer. If after 30 days nothing has changed try it again.

It will be painful while transforming. You'll get quite a bad fever with sickness, dizziness, headaches etc. The first thing you'll notice is your eyes changing. They will become clear white gradually and your sight will gradually go away. Don't worry if this happens,it depends on genetics but some eyes have to do this and then start re-developing. Once your proper developed eyes are in, try to keep your emotions in. Any emotion will transform your eyes if you get too much. That means try to avoid your crush/partner, try to stay positive and don't overreact to anything. The second thing is your wings.


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