Protect someone from an accident

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Very Owned Two Hands
  • Rosary (Optional but it will make the spell more powerful)
  • Your lucky charm (Optional)
  • The person/people you want to protect

With this spell you can protect someone you want even yourself from physical accidents depending on your experience,knowledge and belief in magic....

Casting Instructions for 'Protect someone from an accident'

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First wear your lucky charm if you want or/and rosary placed in your right hand.

Then choose someone and stare the person you want to protect and close your hand like you are praying

I'm calling you god with all my might
Give me/him/her/them protection of holy light
To this person/people i will pass the spell
Make me/him/her/them away from creatures of hell

After you chant this make the top of your closed hand where your fingers are there is touched to your chest but the lower part is not like making a isosceles without the lower part and quickly release your hand like passing it to that person...

Repeat this chant several times if you want because it will make the spell more powerful

This works on my best friend when she is nearly slipbecause of those bullies. And me also it works when i crossing the street and i nearly hit by a car. Whew hope this works for you.

I will make a video of it next month

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