Blessed Bath and Ridding yourself of Bad/Negative Energies

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bath Tub
  • Sea Salt
  • 1 Green Candle (For Healing and Renewing)
  • Incense (Any that makes you feel relaxed)
  • Paper (Optional)
  • Green Marker (Optional)
  • Runes (Optional)

Ridding yourself of all unwanted negative energies, renewing yourself, and feeling great afterwards.

Casting Instructions for 'Blessed Bath and Ridding yourself of Bad/Negative Energies'

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First thing you do, fill your bathtub with Warm Water.

(Optional): With the Green Marker, Draw a Pentagram on the Paper, and put the Appropriate Runes, Sowilo Rune on Top point for Spirit, Wunjo Rune on Right Point for Water, Fehu Rune on lower right point for Fire, Ehwaz Rune on lower Left point for Earth, and Ansuz Rune on left point for Air.

Place Green candle in the Center of the Pentagram (if being used) otherwise, place it anywhere. Set up your incense stick anywhere in your bathroom.

Next thing you do, Light the insence, and light the Candle. Take the sea salt, give thanks to Mother Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit Chant:

Bless this Sea Salt, Bless this Bath, Cleanse my body of all negative Energies, Heal my spirit and renew it, Blessed Be.

Envision a glowing light around the sea salt, go over to your bathtub and sprinkle the salt all throught your bath water saying: Bless this bath, Bless my spirit, Blessed Be. and while doing so, envision a light all around your bath water.

Step in, relax, medittate if you wish, submerge your entire body in the water and enjoy your bath. Once you have finished, you should feel relaxed, full of energy and cleansed of all negative energy.


This article was contributed by oApocalypse

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