Wings Meditation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Complete focus
  • Patience

This isn't a spell for wings, you meditate!

Casting Instructions for 'Wings Meditation'

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First, you go to a quiet room, and sit in the middle of the room. You need to be sitting so that you are facing a window. Then, close your eyes and relax your back, arms, and legs. Sit and relax everything until you feel ready to begin.

Next, meditate very hard on what your wings will look like. You need to feel, and know your wings until they feel like a part of you.

Then, you need to imagine energy from inside of you flow into your wings, and they softly start flapping. Now imagine your shoulder blade bones growing until they are your wing bones, and magick is flowing into your wings and flooding them with the color of your choice.

Finally, you need to clear the image out of your mind and start over. Imagine that your shoulder blades fill with magick and break your skin and grow slowly until full sized, and the color you want.

Last step is to imagine yourself get up, walk outside, and fly into the clouds. Imagine you are sitting on the clouds, and your wings go into the clouds as you lay down on them. When you come up, your wings come out of the clouds, and they are filled with strength and magick.

I hope this works for you, it is currently working for me! This will take a while, maybe a year, but it is worth it!

Mail me if it works, and see you in the next spell!


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