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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
37% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - 1 seashell
  • - cup or jar or sink or shower
  • - salt water
  • - picture of the full moon
  • (or stand outside on a full moon)
  • - believing
  • - confidence
  • - necklace

This spell will turn you into a mermaid when you are wet.

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid101'

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Stare into the the full moon (real or picture doesn't matter).Now dip your necklace in the salt water and put it on around your neck. Then stick your left hand in the water. Next put the seashell in your right hand (while you are still looking into the moon, you'll be looking at the moon for the whole spell). Now chant this spell 10 times..............

Mystery of the moon give me my magic soon, power of the sea make me what I want to be a mermaid.

After saying this close your eyes and focus. Count down from 10, then take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Remember that finding a spell that works for you is like trying on clothing, what works for you may NOT work for someone else. Or what works for someone else may NOT work for you. Also for this spell to work you have to believe it will work, if you don't believe then it's definitely not going to work. This spell usually takes 2 to 3 months. But at minimum 5 days to work. It you aren't happy with your tail you can take off your necklace for more than 2hours, though you will feel sick to your stumach and extreme nausea. If you wish to break the spell ameadly without the nausea, simply take the necklace off and break it. Remember that if this spell doesn't work for you that there are tons more that you can try. So don't get upset if it doesn't work on the first try. I find that doing the same spell every night in the shower makes it more affective after the first day. If you have any questions you can message me.

Water addiction
Growing pains
Leg pains
Any other strange feelings or unusual leg changes and such
In extreme cases, vomiting


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