Transform into Creatures

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice, Belief, and Concentration
  • Visualising
  • Other items in the instructions

I will make some spells here including magical creatures!

Have fun!

Casting Instructions for 'Transform into Creatures'

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First : Magical Fish

Instructions :
? Sit down cross-legged
? Take a book and a pen
? Write in the book :
"Goddess of Mythical Fish, turn me to a fish. Long snout I have, gills I breathe! No ears to hear! Soft and slim body spinning in water! Thanks I give to you goddess! So mote it be!"
? Visualise you're changing while saying the chant.
? And then take a bath and put a lotion into your forehead. Make it circle!
? Don't clean your fore-head and go to sleep.
? The days after this, your body will have weird sensation

? Your body is shaking and feeling weird
? Headache, Low-hearing, Feeling not to breathe
? Can hold and breathe underwater longer
? Hard to move hands and legs cause it will grows fins
? Your nose is combined with your mouth and your mouth become longer and longer
? Your neck hurts and become longer
? Your neck will grow gills, in your side grows fins, a tail, and scales
? Your eyes will be clearer and bigger
? Eye colour change

Second : Dragon

Instruction :
? First put and stick 2 symetric dragon wings at your house wall
? Put your body between them and says :
"Wings, wings, of wings! It shall grow on my back! Big, wave, and shining it will be! I will flap them as I want and use it well. So mote it be!"
? And then attach a fake dragon tail to the part of where your tail will grows and say :
"Tail, tail, of tails! It will grow on where it will grow. Cute and flap, strong as rock, scaly as it will be! So mote it be!"
? And then make your own chant to all parts of your accesories, including horns, nails, fangs, etc as much as you want!
? Go to the forest and visualise you're changing to dragon!
? Says :"Dragon is shall I be, roar and fly in sky! Burst element shall I be! No humans I'm more! So mote it be!"
? Tomorrow, get back to the forest and feel your first changing. It will get hurt!

? Headache
? Itchy on where accesories will grow
? Your weight will increases and will eat much like uncontrolled
? Craving for meat food
? Often roaring
? Neck hurts and become longer
? Cough continuously
? Weird sensation around body
? Stronger bone and scaly skin
? Growing fangs and nails
? Your nose is combined with your mouth
? Breathe more and heavily
? Clearer eyes visions and bigger eyes
? Dragon instinct will replace human mind
? Your head and face will stars growing bigger and bigger, also your body till your tail

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