Unlock the power of your eyes

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • --Good eyes (You need to be able to see clearly for this to work. If you wear glasses this will not work; the spell you cast with your eyes could reflect off of your glasses and hit you instead. I am working on developing a spell like this that works with glasses.)
  • --Patience
  • --Someplace where no one will bother you (inside is best
  • --Time

Removes the energy in your eyes that is preventing them from being able to cast spells visually.

Casting Instructions for 'Unlock the power of your eyes'

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Close your eyes. Concentrate your energy on them... you should be able to feel something blocking your energy from reaching your eyes. That is called (or what I like to call it) an optical energy block. These occur normally; your eyes are not originally intended for the purpose of spell casting. Concentrate on the energy block; you should feel some resistance. If it does not feel right, withdraw your energy from your eyes and try again after resting. When you feel the resistance coming from the energy block, will it to undo... you should feel less and less resistance coming from it. When you feel no resistance at all, concentrate with all your might on your energy going into your eyes. If you don't do this right away, the block will form again and all your work will be lost. Once you feel a strong current of energy going to your eyes, the block should never give you trouble again. If you successfully made it to this point: congratulations! You now have the ability to cast enhanced spells with your eyes. But be warned: If you use this ability for evil/to hurt someone or for selfish needs (such as gambling or betting or cheating), a permanent optical energy block will form, cutting off all controlled energy to your eyes forever, making them revert to their normal abilities. Good luck!

Feel free to leave a comment telling me if it worked for you and your eyes feel more powerful! :)


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