Faerie Wings

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Visualization skills
  • Imagination
  • What you want your wings to look like
  • Voice

This is a spell I made for a friend :)

Casting Instructions for 'Faerie Wings'

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Close your eyes. Visualize your desired wings. Feel them upon your back. Feel the fluttering of your wings now. Can you feel your magic flowing through the veins in your wings? Let it fill you with joy, happiness, and peace of mind. What ever color you see flashed before your eyes just now is the tint that your wings will be. Allow that color to flood your mind. Now let that color flow from your mind to your clear wings on your back, the color is filling them up. Making them visible. Say this incantation once you see them appear in your minds eye:

Great Goddess of nature and the Faerie queen, let these wings grow upon my back. Let another child's first laughter be heard, and me reborn. Allow me to no longer be human, but a faerie like I have wished to be. Let these wings rise from my back in exactly one lunar cycle.

O' great Goddess and Faerie queen, I will never do evil as long as these wings lay upon my back. I will always do what I believe in and what is right. I shall never let darkness tempt me to defy my oath. If I do evil, you may remove these wings from my back, as I will not be deserving of them.
After you said the spell, imagine your wings glowing with new found power. Then open your eyes.


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