Become a Witch

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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A picture of the full moon/ looking at the full moon
  • An image in your mind of what you would like and what powers you chose
  • A friend (optional)

My previous become a witch spell had typos and missing information. The incantation will be the same, there will just be more information on the spell page.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Witch'

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1. Sit down outside on a full moon. If there is not a full moon, sitting outside is fine. Sitting inside is fine too, just be sure to have a picture of a full moon. 2. Imagine, while saying the spell, you using your powers. Imagine you being amazingly happy using whatever elements you chose. 3.Say three times:

Oh spirits of the great witches please listen to my plea. I wish to be one of you so I can fly joyful and free. I wish for the power of (element) and (element). I beg and plea for the power of wonderous flight as well as to wish anything I desire for myself and others. I ask for amazing agility, the strength of 10 men, and entrancing beauty. I plead and pray for my magical power to be heightened so every spell I or others have devised would work. Oh spirits of the great witches I will ask for only one thing more. I ask for you to awaken the power buried so deep inside of me and let me have complete control of it. I thank you and bless you for listening to my calls. So mote it be.

4. If you are with a friend say it together. 5. Spell works in one week. Side affects -Nausea -Headache -Stomachache -Dizziness -Possible vomiting(rare) -Random power surges(only for the element you chose) -Witch dreams(such as you flying and/or using your powers Elements achievable: -Fire -Water -Earth -Air -Shadow/Darkness -Electricity -Light List of Hidden powers: Mind reading - Precognition - Healing/Empathy healing - Telepathy - Telekinesis - Retrocognition - Memory absorption - Mind control - Emotion control (love inducement, hatred inducement etc.) - Psychic shadow - Empathy - Dream manipulation - Inhuman beauty (you do get this but you might get beauty that is even beyond witchs) - Power bestowal Abilities gained as a witch: -Amazing beauty -Unlimited wishes -Your hidden power revealed -Flight -The two elements you chose Good Luck with this.


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