To Aid Falling Asleep

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Eucalyptus Incense
  • Parchment
  • Pen
  • Cream Coloured candle
  • Fire Source
  • Metal or glass bowl
  • Spring water
  • Bird feather

This spell aids in falling asleep for those nights you're far too restless.

Casting Instructions for 'To Aid Falling Asleep'

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Release the Incense until it can be smelled very clearly.
Light the candle, and let it burn for a little bit.
Write down the reason you can't sleep, what you are anxious about, or your worries/fears down on the paper.
"By the light of my flame,
Fears deep down i force you tame,
Allow my anxieties to melt away,
And for tonight let the peace stay,
Oh gods i ask of thee,
Send sweet sleep to me.
Sound, heavy, and peacefully i will rest,
Untill it is time for me to wake.
I ask thy gods to aid my sleep on this restless night,
This is my will, mote it be."
Use the candle to light the paper, and then drop it into the bowl and let it burn to ash. Once it is burned, pour spring water over it and stir it with the feather.
"Feather of a foul, easy and light,
melt away all my fright,
for sleep will come to me tonight."
Blow out the candle, leave the ash and water next to your bed all night, and lay in a position to fall asleep. Focus on a feeling of peace and the scent of the Eucalyptus and you will soon fall into a peaceful sleep.

Members of the site, please let me know how this worked for you. Blessed be.


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