Increase senses abilities

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3-4 White Candles
  • 2 Paper Book
  • 3 Any Pencils
  • Voice, Belief, and Visualisation

Increase your physical senses, like sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling!

Casting Instructions for 'Increase senses abilities'

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? Sit cross-legged and put th candles in front of you.
? Put the paper-book left and right of you
? Write eyes in the paper book as large as you can ("ALC" as my short word).
? Light the first candle and chant :
"Goddess of Aphrodite and Eyes. I call thee. Make my eyes often sees and see farer. My eyes will clear as water and see sight far. So mote it be!"
? Write ears in the paper book (same) ALC.
? Light the second candle and chant :
"Goddess of Aphrodite and Ears. I call thee. Make my ears often hears and hear farer. My ears will hear loudly and clear and hear far loud. So mote it be!"
? Breathe all smoke and visualise your eyes and ears becoming better!
? Take another paper book and write skin & tounge ALC.
? Light the third candle and chant :
"Goddess of Aphrodite and Feelings. I call thee. Make my skin often feels and better. Make my tounge often tastes and better! So mote it be!"
? As the way as before but write "nose"!
? Light the fourth and chant :
"Goddess of Aphrodite and Nose, I call thee. Make my nose often sniffs and smells and smells better! So mote it be!"
? Breathe all smoke while visualising.
? In the two books write "changing in mote it be" ALC!

*** No Side Effects ***

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