Quileute Wolf

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Day time, which means after sunrise and before sunset.
  • Some kind of meat in a small chunk.

This does work. But you must want to be one with all your heart, and believe it will work without doubt. Regardless of the age, your first shift will be on or near your 16th-18th birthday, unless you're already older.

Casting Instructions for 'Quileute Wolf'

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Before you start: Be specific with your fur color, for example, black or brown isnt good enough. Instead, be specific such as dark, rusty brown or smoky charcoal black. Your best bet is to add two adjectives. Preparing: Be outside during the day. Say the spell and lightly bury the meat. Spell:

Wolf spirits, I ask that you turn me into a werewolf. I wish that I could become a large, strong wolf whenever I want, with (color) fur. Please make this me, so mote it be. First Shift: It is very unlikely that you will shift until you are 16, but when youre ready for your first shift, go to the place you buried the meat and say in your mind, Wolf spirits, I am ready to transform. Depending on your age, you may or may not shift. Your first shift will be somewhat slow, and really painful. But, as you shift more and more, youll get used to it, and it wont hurt as much, and eventually youll barely feel a thing. And it will get faster, until it only lasts about one second! But as you shift more and more, you can call on the wolf spirits in your head further away from the place, and eventually anywhere.


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