Fairy Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~A outfit you wish too be in when you transform
  • ~ Things the represent your 4 powers you wish to have
  • ~ A Favorite jewelry piece
  • ~ Belief

This Spell is too let you be a fairy with the saying of simple words (This is my first spell and please message me if it works)

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy Spell'

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First, Put on the outfit you wish too be in. Now, put on the piece of jewelry, *NOTE: you MUST have that piece of jewelry on to transform* Now, Set the representations of your powers in front of you. Put your hands over one of the items, and close your eyes. Imagine your self using that power, move on to the next, and do the same too all of the others. When done, Open your eyes and say this 4 times: "Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea. I wish to become a FAIRY! With my wings of a (type of wings). They will be (size of wings) and the colors of (color) and (color)are my colors I wish too have. I wish to have the powers of (powers), and the three special powers of: (special powers). My Summoning Words for wings are: (summoning words) my wings will appear on my back. When I say the words: (Disappearing words), my wings will be absent. Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea, I wish to be a FAIRY!" When you have said that, put your hands in front of your power "symbols". Close your eyes and imagine flying with your wings and using your powers. Open your eyes and dispose of the "symbols". You need to wait until your wings and powers appear! Good Luck!
~Tingling Back
~ Wanting to be outside
~ Wanting to be near your powers

Please Message me any other side affects and also message me if it works please! Enjoy being a fairy!


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