basically a chant for just finding yourself

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • yourself (obviously um... you wouldn't be doing it otherwise)
  • a large wall mirror(that you are able to see in)
  • a quiet room to yourself(reasoning for the little star thingie is because that is not that important just helps concentration)
  • your voice (pretty much need to be able to speak for this)
  • and an idea of what you want to achieve when you have finished :)

if you start feeling like down or as if your losing yourself if you understand what i'm saying then maybe cast this and see if it helps i usually cast this in times where i am extremly sad or feel all alone or just generally depressed (so here it goes first spell so sorry if it doesn't work for you :()

Casting Instructions for 'basically a chant for just finding yourself'

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Maybe before you start it would be a good idea to look through the spell see if you want to personalize it change the words to suit you that's fine also it would probably be helpful if you clear your mind and concentrate on what you wish to achieve by meditation

so stand in front of your mirror look your reflection right in the eye and say something along the lines of this:
clear and find what i have lost
show my mind what you come across
show me the answers, show me my way
show me what i am forever always

water clense me
fire drive me
earth ground me
air insight me
by the power of the elements
help me find
the me that lies trapped inside
this is my will so mote it be

so good luck hopefully it will in fact work for you

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