Transformation Potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lacewing Flies(stewed 21 days)
  • Leeches
  • Powdered bicorn horn
  • Knotgrass
  • Fluxweed(picked on a full moon)
  • Shredded Boomslang Skin
  • Something like hair or toenail clippings from the person you
  • want to turn into.
  • Cauldron

This polyjuice potion will let you transform into any person you'd like up to an hour. NOTE: this does not work for transforming into animals. Also takes up to a month to make.

Casting Instructions for 'Transformation Potion'

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Part One

1. Add 3 measures of fluxweed to the cauldron.

2. Add 2 bundles of knotgrass to the cauldron

3. Stir 3 times(clockwise)

4. Wave youre wand and let potion brew for 80 minutes(Pewter Cauldron), 68 minutes(Brass Cauldron), or 60 minutes(Copper Cauldron)

5. Add 4 leeches to the cauldron.

6. Add 2 lacewing flies to the mortar, crush into fine powder, and put 2 measures of the crushed lacewings into the cauldron.

7. Heat for 30 seconds on low heat.

8. Wave your wand to complete part 1 of the potion.

Part Two

1. Add 3 measures of boomslang skin to the cauldron.

2. Add 1 measure of bicorn horn to the mortar, crush into fine powder, and add one measure to the cauldron.

3. Heat for 20 seconds at high temperature.

4. Waver your wand and let it brew for 24 hours(Pewter Cauldron), 1224 minutes(Brass Cauldron), or 18 hours(Copper Cauldron).

5. Add 1 additional scoop of lacewings to the cauldron.

6. Stir 3 times(Counterclockwise)

7. Split potion into multiple doses(if youre making it for more than yourself)

8. Add the pieces of the person you wish to transform into.

9. Wave your wand to complete the potion.


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