Animal Shifting

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full belief in this spell
  • Your Voice

This spell makes you able to shift into your chosen animal whenever you want to, after the wait time is up. I got this spell from User211481, but it isn't hers. It's Endermander's on YouTube.

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Shifting'

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Sit down in a quiet room, focus, and say this spell with lots of meaning:
"Gods of nature and divine, I want to be part animal. Please grant me my wish and I will honor you with all my heart. Grant me my wish, make me a (animal of your choice)"

As you start to say, "make me a" think of your animal and how you will look.

The spell can take as little time as 5 minutes or as long as a week, it's different for everyone. Meaning, you can shift in the time from 5 minutes to one week, or gain the ability to. The side effects are different for each animal.
Example: (Comes from personal experience from me!) Wolf side effects: Bone and muscle aches, short bursts of anger, bad toothaches primarily on canine teeth, on and off throbbing headache, small urge to howl and bark and a small craving for meat.

To shift, you need to sit down in again a QUIET room, focus, and picture your animal clearly in your mind. Looking at pictures of it helps.
If you have any questions, please message me. This spell is legit.


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