Hair Growth Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Items needed:
  • One small container (an empty, single-serving yogurt or pudding container will do)
  • Enough potting soil to fill the above container
  • Three onion seeds
  • A little water

Hair growth spells that work to promote hair growth and health are difficult to find. Most of the information one runs into concerns old folk remedies and cures for concoctions to put on one's hair. Another common search result gives one advice on when to brush hair, or how to care for one's hair. The hair growth spell provided below is not like the common spells for hair growth that abound all over the internet. What follows is a real magic spell for promoting good hair health and growth. Use at your own risk.

Casting Instructions for 'Hair Growth Spell'

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Around midnight on the evening of a new moon, place the container filled with the potting soil in the light of the moon.

Using the index finger of your LEFT hand, form a little hole in the soil, about an inch deep.

Speak the following words aloud:

"Luna opportuna, in your light I cause this spell,
Not to lose but gain, I wish,
Not wither, but do well."

Place the three seeds in the hole and cover them with the soil. Sprinkle a little water on the soil and then speak these words aloud:

"New life begins and with it, growth,
The swearing of a sacred oath,
That plantings done, shall fill the Earth,
And that from death, shall spring new birth."

Place the container in a spot that receives ample sunlight. Water daily. When the plant growth begins, so also will your hair growth and its health improve.

Repeat this spell as needed.
Not a spell for witch's with weak magick.

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