Cat Sight

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The eye and whisker of a cat
  • Blood of a bat
  • A black candle
  • A red candle
  • Fire
  • A black bowl
  • Pentagram carved into wood (one foot in diameter)
  • Midnight hour on a Friday night or an Eclipse (Eclipse is more effective)

Spell to give you the sight of a cat. Improved night vision, better sight (long distance), and slight color variation.

Casting Instructions for 'Cat Sight'

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Take the black bowl and place in in the center of the pentagram. In the bowl, place the cat's eye and whisker. Now whisper,
"Eye of the cat, so divine,
take it the power and please make it mine,
curse me not, i beg of thee,
place the cat's sight into me."
Light the red candle and think of the sight in the light you will have with cat's vision then pour in the wax. Then take the black candle and imagine your vision in the dark with cat's sight, then pour in the wax.
Next, take the bat blood and pour it in the bowl. Say loudly,
"With the blood of the bat,
bind this spell,
with the sight of a cat,
my vision will be well,
In light and dark, i shall see,
a bat's sacrificed blood, i promise thee,
Gods and Goddesses of night and day,
grant me this i ask of there,
this is my will, please mote this be."

It will become effective at midnight the next night.

Side Effects:
headaches easily triggered by sunlight
temporary blindness (lasts a half hour after the spell is cast) this is how you know it worked
Become easily distracted by movement
Eyes may become greener, grayer, or blacker in color


This article was contributed by Athusia

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