Updated real better mermaid spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full moon, new moon, or a quarter moon
  • aquamerine and moonstone

This is an update version from my mermaid spell I made. I fixed it so it is more understanding and focused on becoming one. This spell is a safer way to become a mermaid when you want to be so there is no running when you get wet. Instead you can control when you want to transform. Good luck and contact me if you have any problems or it works for you.

Casting Instructions for 'Updated real better mermaid spell'

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Try saying this on a full moon or new moon or first quarter and carry aquamarine and moonstone with at all times until the spell is complete and have my tail and powers. Best would be saying the spell every full moon or what ever moon you chose to do the spell on.

Spell : By the power of three times three make me what I wish to be, A MERMAID. With the power of hydrokinesis . Witches one, witches all, witches from North to South, East and West hear my wish. When I transform into a mermaid I will have a tail the color of teal. A long with this I shall have a bra that matches my tail. Gods and Goddess please hear my prayer. I will turn into a mermaid when I say "Flicker" three times and I will turn back into a human when I say " water" three times. When I am in the water, I will swim three times as fast. Also , I'll be able to hold my breath for at least a half hour in order to explore the depths of the water. Please Gods, Goddess,and Witches let this be me . so Mote This Be!

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