Spell to grow wings

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice

A simple spell to give you wings on the physical plane, can be done anywhere at any time

Casting Instructions for 'Spell to grow wings'

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Wing Spell:
"I ask for a set of wings so I can soar,
A pair of wings to fly forever more,
Wings so big to fly so high,
Wings that shall carry me through the sky,
No longer shall I be bound to this earth,
When the element of air shows it's worth,
By the elements and their grace,
No longer shall I be bound to this dirt ridden place,
My wings shall be the color of *(earthen brown,
Never shall I wear a frown)
(The darkest black, to carry me in the sky without slack)
(The purest white, to help guide me through the night)
(An ashen gray, that shall carry me through every fray)
My wingspan shall be big enough to let me fly,
My wings of feathery grace,
Allow me to leave this place,
**(my wings shall have the markings of _________)
My wings shall come to me physically on the day of (day you want them)
That is my will, so mote it be.

* you can use any color as long as it has a rhyming line to it
** optional line if you desire any markings

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