Inner Dragon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle of your choice,
  • Sea blue for water dragon
  • Firey red for fire dragon
  • Brown for earth dragon and so on

Awaken your inner dragon!!!

Casting Instructions for 'Inner Dragon'

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Take out a white candle and light it. Stare deep into the flame. Think of the word "dragon" in your mind. What comes to mind? Most people will think of a huge fire breathing ferocious flying dragon. Bit think a little more harder and stare a little more into the flame. Does suddenly a water dragon come to mind? A earth dragon digging in the soil of the world? Or does a fire dragon still keeps burning down villages? There you have it! You have found your inner dragon!
But that is not all. According to the ingredients, you need the candle. Blow out the other candle.
Once you have the correct candle, light it and stare into the candle once again. If you have done this spell correctly, a sudden vision of the dragon asleepshould appear. Once you have seen it, say the following until your dragon opens it's eyes," Dragon dragon wakey wakey, crawl out and see the world. From the sky to the sea, from the soil to the moon, fly high into the sky. Dragon dragon wakey wakey crawl out and see the world."
For me it took about 10 times for my dragon to wake up because he was REALLY hard to wake up!
Side effects:
?When you get close to your dragon element, you will probably feel like.... you want something.... like to live in it. Ignore this feeling because if you don't, you will be in heaps of trouble if you know what I mean (hint burns, extremely dirty..... lifeguards....).
?Feel a bit more dragonish.
?Very rarely you might feel like you are flying!

Have fun!


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