Very Powerful Vampire spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • All the candle colors of the elements(white;spiritual,green;earth, blue;water,red;fire,yellow; air
  • Very clean needle
  • Drop of your blood
  • A small container to put the blood in
  • Red string to cast a circle
  • Full Moon

If you've tried other Vampire spells that don't work, then try this. This is a spell I made, but I'm guaranteed it will work. If it doesn't, then I guess try other Vampire Spells.

Casting Instructions for 'Very Powerful Vampire spell'

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Either be outside, or be inside with a window open (Id prefer a window) First, cast the circle with the red string. Then put the candles of the elements in with the white at the top, and the other candles you can put in any order around the circle. The reason you need a very clean needle (of course, probably everyone knows this) so you wont get infected. Then poke the needle on your finger (Id rather prefer on your fingers because it doesnt hurt as much, but anywhere else is fine) and put the blood in a little container. Then chant the following:

I invoke the spirits and want to say, Im tired of this boring life, there is never anything new, everything is the same, and there is nothing to do, so thats why I want to be a vampire, now nothing will ever be the same, drinking blood with extraordinary thirst, and never be tamed. After this spell works, everyone will see, nothing will ever be the same, so mote it be.

After chanting this, drink the drop of blood, and then say:

Transformation come to me, here me now, make out my plea, I wish to be a vampire, Spirits fullfill my desire.


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