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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -bath tub filled with salt water
  • -many seashells
  • -necklace (yes you need a necklace even if you are a boy)
  • -voice
  • -confidence
  • -belief
  • -red nail polish (optional, but will make this spell more effective)

This spell will turn you into a siren mermaid. This spell was written for a friend.

Casting Instructions for 'SirenMermaid103'

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Fill a bath tub with salt water. If you don't have salt water pour salt into the water. Take your seashells and arrange them around the bath. Once you have done this get into the bath. Put your necklace on. You will drip a drop of nail polish into the bath at very pause in the spell (at every comma). Now say this spell 3 times:

Eyes on fire, dreaming of the deep, hope above desire, losing in the depths, voice of the world, turn me into one of you, Icey soul, voice of sarrows, tail fin and all, make me a siren, legs on shore, fins in bay, this is my desire, for this, I wish, I pray, I believe.

Once you have finished the spell run your palms along the waters surface while humming. Do this for 3 minutes. Then drain the bath water out. But stay in the tub until all the water is completely drained out. Then get out. But take 15 minutes of being dry and humming before getting wet again. Then you can do whatever. But if you take the necklace off you will break the spell. You will also experience side effects. Remember the siren is a type of mermaid. It could take anywhere from 5days to 3months. Don't worry you'll get your tail fin. You can not pick your tail color and you can only be underwater for 3 hours. Or else you won't be able to breathe air anymore. You'll only be a mermaid. You need to keep your head above water for 15 minutes. Then you can swim again if you want.

Sore throat
Better singing voice
Possible vomiting (very rare)
Leg pains
Any other odd leg sensations
Any other odd sensations

Side effects will occur often, randomly and may occur right after the spell is said.


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