Shrink my waist spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White and orange candles
  • Measuring tape
  • Tape
  • White or orange cord
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Permanent marker
  • Heat safe plate
  • Waning moon

A spell to aide in your weight loss goals. To be used with diet and exercise (like a diet pill but safer). Look at my album if you want to see my results :)

Casting Instructions for 'Shrink my waist spell'

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Light the candles.
Write on one side of the paper what your current waist measurement is, then on the other side write what you wish it to be. Place the paper, current side up, in front of the candles.
Mark on the measuring tape where you wish your waist to measure with the adhesive take, then x out where you are now with the permanent marker.
Sit and meditate. Visualize how you will look and feel when you are at your goal. Really feel the pride, happiness, excitement, etc.
Once you have a solid picture of it all in your mind, take the paper and burn each end in the flame of one of the candles and place on the plate, imagining that the inches are burning away with the paper.
Take the cord and begin to tie knots, starting at one end and alternating while moving from the outside inward until you reach 9 knots. Tie it around your neck out wrist.
By this time the paper should be ash, so gather the ash and release it into the winds, saying "so mote it be" as the ashes float away.
As your waist shrinks, mark off the new measurement with the marker until you hit the tape.
Once you reach your goal, bury the cord as an offering to the earth.


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