possession spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a victim (or subject),
  • concentration,
  • relaxation,
  • high amount of energy control or lots of practice

this is a spell you can use to take over someone elses body. it uses a lot of energy, so it is recomended you don't use this on short notice unless you are highly experienced or have practiced very hard.

Casting Instructions for 'possession spell'

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close your eyes, clear your mind and focus on your victim (or subject). when you are entirely focused and entirely relaxed, impose your will into the victim's mind and chant these words with steady (constant) timing:

"transfer my soul into this vessel
let me not have to wrestle
make it easy, make it fine
let his/her body become mine"

keep doing this and eventually, the victim will become very drowsy and may even fall asleep. after this stage, it depends on whether or not your will is stronger than the other person. if it is stronger, only by a little bit, then you will not be able to possess them, only put them to sleep. If your will is weaker, they may be able to reflect the spell back at you, or you could have just wasted a huge amount of energy that will take a long time to get back. This spell will last for either 1 minute or more, depending on you energy levels after casting. during this time you will have control over all the victim's senses and movements and you can even access their memories, while still in contact with your own mind,


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