Vampire Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Red candle
  • Nighttime (10pm-1am)
  • Focus
  • Voice

A spell to make you a vampire, got it off a friend so I don't know if it works. It takes a week or two for the fangs to grow. Enjoy!!

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire Spell'

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1:Sit down in a nice comfy place outside where you feel comfortable.
2:Caste yourself a circle to cast away negative energies and to keep you safe.
3:Take a few minutes (The longer the better) just to meditate and release stress and negative energies that may have you worked up.
4:After you feel relaxed, light the candle and have it in front of you.
5. Recite the spell 10x


Spirits of the undead, I ask you please to turn me into one of you! I wish to have the powers of SuperHuman speed, SuperHuman strength, SuperHuman Senses, Superhuman Healing, Flight , Immortality, Compulsion, SuperHuman Agility. And my weakness's will be, Ivitation to enter a house, Wooden stakes, , Vervain. I will become an undead Vampire, I will grow stronger over time. My fangs will come out when I want them to come out. I will not need oxygen to survive, When I take out my fangs my eyes will glow a yellow color. My blood will heal humans, as well as if they die with my blood in their system they'll become a vampire. This is my will! So mote it be!


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