Foot Tickling (Tested)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • your Bare feet (or whoever is gonna be tickled)
  • You (the caster)
  • A quiet calm place
  • small feather (real)

(This spell might not work for everyone)

This spell will send a huge wave of energy to your feet (or whoever you cast it on) to feel as if they were being tickled. You can make it feel like anything! From a feather duster to a playful puppy.

WARNING! This spell will only last for 5 minutes and goes for 5 minutes endlessly so if you cannot stand it then be careful.

Casting Instructions for 'Foot Tickling (Tested)'

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If you wish to cast on yourself~~~
1. sit in a position where you have your hands on the soles of your feet.
2.close your eyes and relax, place the small feather between your feet.
3. Imagine you sitting in the same room however I want you to imagine that something comes by and begins to tickle your feet. This can be floating hands, feathers ect

4. slowly rub your soles up to your toes, this will entice the energy to flow to your feet and send the ticklish waves to your feet from your soles to your toes.

5. Laugh for 5 minutes but make sure you are alone as this might make people freak up a bit.

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