Blessing of Physically Enhancing Your Body

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Beleive
  • Lots of food(later)

This will make you stronger, working out is more effective, and you learn skills easier.

Casting Instructions for 'Blessing of Physically Enhancing Your Body'

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This spell will cause healing of illnesses, strength on its own, and when working out muscles with grow so fast no one will beleive you unless you show them a before and after, however I'm not sure if it helps as much as steroids, don't do steroids. All together you will be a for physical fit person.

It can take about 2 weeks to work, no way to tell how long it will take but it's around 2 weeks. Everyday until you see results say:" With the power of the highest helping me I shall become better, greater, like a ball of gleaming light, and I will serve a good deed in return." About 3 times a day.

The Price:
For this to work a great deed, and smaller deeds of good must be committed. You have to wait till you see someone is time of need and help them in a way that you relieve them of a lot of pressure or stress. The small deeds are just being nice, opening doors for people etc. That will keep your blessing alive and strong. Every deed will give you a tingling in your stomach, this is good.

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