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Name: Harris19
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 30 Nov 2017


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-This account is no longer active. The user is on a hiatus.-

"I will not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear. I will let it pass through me. Where the fear has gone, there shall be nothing. Only I will remain."

Hello there, I'm Harris. I'm a Linguist by profession; I am currently doing my Masters and I have been practicing Magick for eleven years. I live and breathe for Magick. I practise Folk Magick mainly and Hoodoo. I'm interested in herbs, divination(tarot mainly) and anything that's to do with Esoterism like Meditation, astral projection, pathworking, etc. I love everything that has to do with ancient cultures and civilizations, ancient papyri, modern and ancient languages, religions, history, mythology and Art.

If you feel like talking to someone, feel free to mail me. If you have any more questions about me, also please feel free to mail me. I enjoy conversing with people, especially about Magick. So, if you have any questions pertaining to magick, you can mail me as well. I do not tolerate trolling, spamming and make-believe. Hope that's enough. :)

Il faut continuer a sourire,sourire a la vie. :)

~Inspiring Quotes by Inspiring People~

all right I had enough now.I am putting : and that is it -- Artindark

I have seen waves ,starts,flying punctuation,correspondances and god knows what else.

for one freaking

nearly ,Jesus thanks God for the going backwards pages.

Religions ware created for greater good ,but people impliment that for greater evil.

There is only one step from love to utter hate. There is only one step from being healer and becoming killer.

You can use it as a drama stopper and it is a whopper.
Not the brain dead arising sequel.
That is like the big wolf asking the riding hoot story.
Harris19 + Artemisia=Coren kvadrat of Raiding Hoots.
get over with your story so we cqan find you your long relative now.
I now wonder if I look this ridiculous doing my circle.
I will look like the alien with my strange ears.
-why arent there any stores or shops to satisfy our needs and meet our requirements?
-if there were we;d also meet the requirements of a mental hospital.

You go to be the male version of Sheila lol

''doctor I've suddenly started glowing'' ''have you been searching magic online?'

Entire world called it mobile phone and they called Handy?

Secure the obscure to find a cure from simplicity.

Any temptation to add anything extra to it must be abandoned

[A Are they stink singing together?

[MeL are they what sorry?
I am not laying eggs any soon, only that is missing
If I wake up with possum in my bed next to me you can bet that even down the street will hear my battle cries/screams.
I will rather be not clicking like rusty dentures.
Even Timbuktu administration is better than theirs.
Then she had beef with my black cooking apron
Now, I can imagine hoards of . enthusiasts coming after me for revenge(tbl tlk)


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