Body Swap Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Paper, A Pencil, An Item Related To That Person, A Charm Related To You.

I Don't Know If This Works But I Did Research On How To Help Your Spell Become More Powerful And Better And You Must Put Lost Of Energy Into Not From Your Body Because You Can Get Sick Like You Have To Meditate About It Working And Really Get Into It And Say ''I Know This Will Work'' It Can Work And Doing This With Other People Can Make It Even More Powerful Good Luck ;)

Casting Instructions for 'Body Swap Spell'

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Write Your Name On A Paper And Their Name On A Different Paper Keep Doing Make Enough So You Can Cast A Circle Around You And Your Items Using The Paper You Wrote Your Name And The Victims Name On So Make A Circle And Say The Spell To Make Evil Go Away Spell:

I conjure thee, O circle of power that thou Best a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield Against all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and The realm of the might ones; a rampart and protection that Shall preserve and contain the power that we shall rise within thee.

Now Write On A Piece Of Paper "Body Swap" And Next To It Put The Item Related To You On One Side And The Item Related To Them On The Other Side Then Say This Spell

"Gods And Godessess Grant This Plea Help Me Swap Bodies With Thee,(Your Full Name) And (Victims Full Name) Shall Swap Bodies When I'm Around Them I'll Shall Say "Swap Bodies" Then We Shall Swap Bodies, When I Wanna Be Back In My Body I Shall Say "Un-Swap Bodies" And I'll Be Back In My Body But It Will Only Work If I Have The Charm Related To Me With Me So Note Of Be!!"

Starting To Look Like The Victim
Starting To Talk Like The Victim

Side Effects Will Go Away Right After Your First Actual Swap.

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