Ice Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Hand Or magical tool (Wand or staff)
  • Object you want to freeze
  • Concentration
  • Voice (you can say it in your head if you like)
  • Belief

Will make an object colder not freeze it though It might freeze if you do the spell enough times

Casting Instructions for 'Ice Spell'

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1.) Gather energy into the object you are using(hand, staff, or wand). If you are having trouble imagine the one of the following
A.) Visible colorful dots gather around your hand or magical tool and sink into it.
B.) Streams of energy com from objects come out of objects around you and sink into your hand or magical instrument.

2.)After you gather the energy into your hand or magical instrument, visualize the energy beginning to freeze. If you are using your hand grab the object you are going to freeze and visualize something that represents extreme cold.

3.) Concentrate on the object use a combination of astral projection to see the object with out opening your eyes, spiritual meditation to make the ice in a spiritual form, and the incantation shown at the bottom.

4.) Visualize the object starting to freeze replay as many times as necessary DON'T OPEN YOUR EYE NO MATTER WHAT. THE SPELL DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME EFFECT THAT IS WHY YOU NEED TO USE A PARTIAL ASTRAL PROJECTION!!!!!!!!! Now recite the following
'Let this be struck by a chilling breeze
That sends it into a deep freeze

When my mind is at ease
Then thy object shall freeze'
Recite as many time necessary.


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