Top Rated Magic Rituals

Top Rated Rituals
Doppelganger (Fetch)
Poison Plants for Alchemy
Magic Oils
Holy Water
Fashioning Cloth Dolls
Ocean In A Jar
Mercury in Retrograde
Days of the week.
The Magnificent Twelve
Meditation Introduction
Magic: Key Essentials
March 20th, 2019 - Pink not Worm and the Coming Blue Moon
Ritual of Bast
Balancing the Elemental Energies
Wood & Wands
Astral Projection Guide
Reference: Besoms
Setting Up Your Sacred Space
Harming with a cloth doll.
Hereditary Catholic Witchcraft (A short article on a family tradition)
How to Meditate
A Full Moon Ritual For Energy
Altering Consciousness
Storm Water
Day Correspondences
Litha Ritual
A more detailed text on Hecate
Why Spells work sometimes and sometimes not.
Creating Spells
A Daily Eucharist.
Writing Your Own Spell
Seasons and Cycles
Wart Charming
Christian Witchcraft 101
Christian Witchcraft, Sign of the Cross
Palmistry: The Major Lines

Unrated Rituals
What is Death Witchcraft?

Pyromancy 101

Wiccan Holiday, Samhain Lore (October 31st)
12 ways to work with Anubis
Christopher Penczak
Astral Symbol Visualization
Candle Flame Interpretation
Once upon a Sign (1/12): Aries
Become Stronger
Aura Reading for Beginners
Tools Used in Magickal Workings: Staff
how to get lots of friends on som .com
Witches Dictionary A-C
the Minors
Magick Hours
Yokai in Onmyoudou
Crystal Ball Gazing
Medicine Men
History on Ancient Egyptian Magic
Crystal Scrying
Stress and Magick
Ancestor Worship
Oil Crafting
The Real Vodou Zombies
Raymond Buckland
Pact with the Devil Pt.2 By TwistedPig
Deep Arts History
Formation Of Hell

Newest Rituals
Insence/ Scent Magick
Astral projection
Plants in the backyard folklore and uses of common plants
night fury
Energy Manifestation

Candle Magick
Candle Magick
An understanding of Symbols
A word on local plants
Home Wards
Creating a Sacred Spiritual Space
Principles of Energy-Working
Shielding Technique and variations
List of Angels of Death
Zodiac signs and element groups: Tarot major and minor arcana
Zodiac signs and element groups: Tarot major and minor arcana
A lesson in Energy-Healing
The 22 Chakras
Prayer to Archangel Lailah for Conception
Janet and Stewart Farrar ~ A Short Biography
Magical Correspondences
How to perform spells properly
Get to sleep ritual
A list of all the Archangels I know
Gnosis For All Website
New Testament Apocrypha
Hedge Witch Medicine, Magic, And Flight
On Worshiping Hades
Love in the Air: Enhancing Romance with Candle Magic