Top Rated Magic Rituals

Top Rated Rituals
Wood Properties.
Astral Projection via Chakras
A Daily Eucharist.
Volva: The Seeress
Meditation Basics 3
Where Are The Elders?
Balancing the Elemental Energies
Awakening Witches
Candle Flame Interpretation
The Moon
Poison Plants for Alchemy
Energy Exercises
The Egyptian Goddess Isis( facts)
How to Create Auric Shells
Introduction to Astral Travel and Astral Projection
Egyptian Metaphysics and the Body of Light
Oracle Cards
Tarot deck conversion
Assumption and Divestment of GodForms
Witch's Box
Finding your Guardian
Beginning Tarot
Combustible Incense
Tarot elemental association
Daily Correspondences
Chakra Meditations
Image Black Magik
Tree of Life
Altar Preparation
Opproborjuice Hex Potion
Spell bottles
First Steps in Magic
Hair growth the witchy way
Rose Petal & Bamboo Leaf Tea for Health Benefits
Setting up a Pagan Altar
The Days, Planets and Magical Uses
Aset and the Black Isis

Unrated Rituals
Yokai in Onmyoudou
Shikisen: Divination by way of Shikigami

Jinn Article Part 3
Jinn Article Part 2
The 7 Chakras
Kijo as a Shikigami
answers are needed
What is a Stang in Wicca?
Energy Manipulation
Spirit Talismans - Modern Onmyoudou
Cermony For Unlocking Your Witch
Crystal Properties - Numerical Vibrations
Mom. I'm Wiccan
How To Create Magical Writing
Magick in Shintoism
This is not a spell
Herbs and Curios in Onmyoudou
Enchantment Arts
About Aphrodite
A Simple Way to Thank the Goddess and Make a Shrine for Her
Astral Projection to Travel
Protection from your deities
Wind or Air Meditation(RainLinard)
Element Correspondences
What is fake and real in witchcraft
Go into the moomin's world in your dreams!
Christian Witchcraft 101
Ways to be a Vampire
How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?

Newest Rituals
Holy Water
Christian Witchcraft 101
Christian Witchcraft 101
Christian Witchcraft, Sign of the Cross
Christian Witchcraft Alter Basics
Working with Deities
Offering Ritual for Anubis
Ritual of Bast
Spirits & Hauntings
Remembrance Ritual
A Simple Way to Thank the Goddess and Make a Shrine for Her
Halloween Magic, October 31st, 2019
Bibliomancy 101
This is not a spell
answers are needed
Love Magick and Free Will
Rose Water
Wood & Wands
October 13th Full Moon Magic
Herbs and Curios in Onmyoudou
Kijo as a Shikigami
Shikisen: Divination by way of Shikigami
Yokai in Onmyoudou
The Sabbats
All About Home Blessings
Day Correspondences
Potent Poetry