Top Rated Magic Rituals

Top Rated Rituals
Candles & Magic
Tree of Life
The Days, Planets and Magical Uses
Shinto Eclectic Solitary Magick
Tarot spreads
The Magical Planets
Astral Projection
Spearmint: Magickal & Medicinal Uses
Why you should ground before spells
Real Spells
Wolf Path Magic/k
Witch's Black Salt
Offering Ritual for Anubis
Making a easy Moon Or Sun Water!
Balancing the Elemental Energies
Herbal Correspondences
Palmistry: The Major Lines
Crystal Grids
December 12, Full Moon Magic
Basic Circle Casting From The Gypsy Path
All About Home Blessings
Spirit Talismans - Modern Onmyoudou
Creating Your Own Sacred Space
Crystals : Fluorite
SoM Survival Guide
Astral Projection via Chakras
How To Make a Psi-Ball
Elemental Water
Divination with Lots
Handfasting Ritual Manuscript
Santa Maria Healing Potion: Migraine Headache
Loose Incense ( How to prepare and use).
How To See Auras
Remembrance Ritual
Rare Full Moon on December 25th 2015
Creating Spells
Krampus: The Witches Devil
Ostara Ritual

Unrated Rituals
Prayer to Mary Magdalene Patroness of Women
Opening your Third Eye
Dark Moon Magick
Beginner witch tips
The New Moon energy
Kitchen Witchery
Use of the Gobosei in Onmyoudou Ritual magick
All Purpose Witches Water
Egyptian Magick
Prayers to Pistis and Ainos
Chinese herbs and remedies
Egyptian Herbs and Remedies
Egyptian Magicks Part two
Prayer to Barbelo (Ennoia)
Knowledge of Raziel
Signs from Archangel Michael
Pharaoh's Egyptian Zodiac Signs:
Dressing a Candle
Our Lady, Queen of Angels
Basic Healing Knowledge
The Traditional Egyptian Zodiac Signs
Basic list of Herbs Correspondences
A Protection Ritual
Prayer to St. Gabriel for Intercession
An Example of a Wiccan Journal Entry
A Ritual To summon Bloody Mary
12 ways to work with Anubis
How to Pray a Special Rosary for the Souls in Purgatory
Salt Purification
Charlie Charlie are you there

Newest Rituals
History on Ancient Egyptian Magic
Lunar Eclipse - May 15th 2022
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Prophacy of dragons
Pact With Demon Basics
Death Witch
Potions Frenzy!
Daughters Of Lilith
About Aphrodite
The Morrigan
12 ways to work with Anubis
Prayer to Goddess Shekinah the Divine Feminine Presence
Dark Moon Magick
10 Uses for Honey besides eating it
French Catholic Folk Magic
Prayers to Agape
How to Summon a Fairy
The Celestial Hierarchy
Prayers to Alethia
Melchizedek’s Invocation
Prayer to El Shadaai
Prayers to Ekklesia
Prayers to Nous and Logos
Kali’s Invocation
Novena Rose Prayer
Blessings of Isis
Prayer to Anat
Green Witch
Prayer to St. Padre Pio
Prayer to Moses
Sophia’s Wisdom