Top Rated Magic Rituals

Top Rated Rituals
What is Druidry?
Real Spells
Altar Cleansing and Dedication
Developing Mediumship ( psychic abilities)
Witchcraft Initiation Rituals
Advanced concepts in shielding
Magickal hours in a day
How To Make a Psi-Ball
A Ritual to Summon a Faerie Tree Spirit
First Steps in Magic
Magic and Lunar Cycles
Introduction to Asatru
What Wicca Is and Isn't
Rock Guide
Herbs and Their Magickal Correspondences
The SixFold Goal
Consercration & Deconsecrate an Object
Crafting a Stang
Norse God: Thor
Banish, Cleanse & Protect
Lammas Ritual
Jormungandr: The Midgard Serpent
Fogged Mirror Protection/Power ritual
Prayer dinner
Daily Correspondences
Body double/doppelganger/fetch
Beginners Breathing Exercises (1)
Hypnoses V. Altered State
Greek To Roman: Olympians
Tarot deck conversion
Rare Full Moon on December 25th 2015
Love Spell: Talisman and Affirmation
Different Paths
Mabon Ritual

Unrated Rituals

How to become a mermaid that works 100%
Vamp it Up: The New Code
Metaphysics of Water
Chakra Cleansing
Astral Projection
Ocean In A Jar
Mom. I'm Wiccan
Banishing Spray and Wash
Energy Study Part 1-The Circles of Energy
Crafting an Athame
opening your third eye:2
Enchantment Arts
Energy Study Part 2- The Movement of Energy
Moon Water
Elements from various traditions
Energy Flushing Exersise
Four Classical Elements
On the topic of
Breaking the Bonds of Addiction
Funeral for animals
Element Correspondences
Meditation Introduction
Working with your Element
What is Energy?
Crystal Grids
Casting via Planets Days
Astral Symbol Visualization
Rede of Chivalry

Newest Rituals
March 20th, 2019 - Pink not Worm and the Coming Blue Moon
Bone's For Truth
The Magnificent Twelve
February Full Moon Healing Ritual
Ocean In A Jar
You are God: The power of the Mind
Ocean in a Jar
New Moon Ritual FEB 2019
Crystals : Types of Garnet
Crystals : Garnet
Crystals : Fluorite
Werewolves and the Moon Phases
Vamp it Up: The New Code
Vamp It Up: What to do when you Awaken
How to do a proper seance
Love in magick
AA fairies.
Shifting Method

Regrow a Rose from a bouquet
Combustible Incense
Non-combustible Incense
Absent Healing
Color Therapy
Crystal & Energy Healing
Prepare Yourself: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse