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Explaining the purpose of, and how to create an Astral Space.

Before I give any information or explanations, I would like to acknowledge the beautiful variety of experiences and perspectives. Spirituality is so vast and unique, and deeply deeply individualistic and personal. No two people experience or connect to energy and magic the same way. That is the beauty of our separation in this realm, the ability to separate experiences, and form our own version of reality with them, sharing, building, and co-creating ideas, techniques, and systems together.

With that said, it is very important to mention that this is only just that, my own perspective of the astral based on my own experiences. If this does not work for you, or resonate with how you experience this, that's okay. If you have differing opinions or experiences, that's amazing. Please, adjust, change, remove, and recreate to the content of your being.


What is an Astral Space?

In terms of the topic today, an astral space is a place within the astral that you create, and/or visit with your energetic or astral body. You can visit other times, spaces, worlds, etc. Some multi connected with other beings and expressions of consciousness. Some developed from the void, only to be accessed by you and your signature energy (and of course the energy that you allow into your space.)


Why Create One?

An astral space gives your soul and energy the space it needs to separate from the heavy energies that can be present around us. It can also give you a space to really allow yourself to detach from the 3D and intensify your energetic focus on something (such as healing, scrying, grounding, channeling, etc.).


How to Create an Astral Space:

This is merely an outline for a very individualistic practice. Much like art comes in many forms and mediums/expressions (gouache, oils, dance, sculpting, graffiti, sexual expression, etc.), so does the ability to create and manifest in the astral. We are creator beings after all.

Start of in a meditation, clear your energy, your thought patterns, and your emotional state. Focus on release and calm, peaceful, quiet vastness.

Sit in this state of stillness until you feel deep enough in a void to feel the spaciousness, and the emptiness of space.

It is here where creation is born.

If you struggle to reach this space, that's okay. (if you'd like to work on it, I suggest to practice ego release, and state-shifting in meditation). As long as you can visualize and get your mental space clear enough to shift to a higher state, you can create. But the energetic imprint might not be as strong.

As you sit in this space, envision the space you want to create. What elements influence it, if any? What emotions are invoked by this space? What is the presence of it, are there spiritual tools? Is it in nature? Is it enclosed, or open? Are there any energetic shields preventing outsiders from coming in, or does it connect to specific worlds/beings? What are the sounds you hear? Is this space connecting to any parts of your energetic imprint such as past lives?

You are building this, and it can change and evolve as you see fit.


Every time you visit this space, you empower it further and slowly it becomes less of an object that exists within your energy, and becomes its own individual energetic space and imprint that you can visit when you need the charge, clarity, quiet, etc. As the energetic imprint of this space develops and grows, so does the clarity and ease of connection to it. Just as your power and ability to grow connect with it, so does its power. Like a yin and yang, intertwined and interconnected. The energy and focus you put into your space will directly contribute to the energy and power it brings you.

Ways to Use Your Astral Space:

-You can use your astral space as a destination for when you're channeling healing energy, or envisioning yourself and your client energetically coexisting in.

-You can meditate and enter this space to enrich and deepen your practice.

-You can utilize this space with tools that allow you to tap into your intuition and higher self and knowledge. For example, I have an astral space where I envision myself using scrying tools to have a deeper look into things when I'm reading as situation or person.

-Work with others in the astral in your own sacred space.

-Connect with ancestors, loved ones, and guides. Proceed here with caution, and ensure you only invite energy that supports your highest path and timeline.

-Working through heavy emotional states, and experiences.

-Connecting to your creative channels for better self expression.


I must express a word of caution. It's important to protect your spaces, physically and astrally. Just as you'd lock your home, you should shield your astral space. And remember, in the world of vast levels and experiences of consciousness....not all beings are there to guide and help you. And not all is as it seems.

PROTECT. YOUR. ENERGY. ALWAYS. Including your spaces.

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