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This a quick Article on Astral Projection. Same questions that are asked and my method on how to Astral Project.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection is also known as Astral Travel is when the astral body (our spirit or soul) will leave the physical body. This way we are able to travel the astral plane. Our physical body is our puppet and our spirit is the puppet master. Astral Projection is an out-of-body experience (OBE). Everyone has done this before at some point of their life but doesn't know it. We sometimes experience this in our sleep, dreams, and times of illness, surgical operations, drug experiences, or when something traumatic and surprising may happen and meditation. Sometimes in a moment then we are close to death or pain we get scared out of our physical body to avoid pain.

Do you ever have those dreams when you're flying? Well, some may you have just Astral Projected. A lot of times we don't know we are Astral Traveling. There are those who have mastered Astral Projection and describe it as an amazing sense of freedom.

I get questions a lot about Astral Projection, so I will try to cover as much as I can here. I may jump back and forth with things but I will try to answer all the questions I've been asked.

What is Astral Projection used for? Some will use it to travel to different places around the world or astral planes. Some use it to travel and check on their family members to see how they are doing. There has been psychics that claim they split their Astral body into twins, one stays with in the body and the other goes to receive the answers the psychic seeks. Witches don't fly brooms they Astral Travel.


Will another spirit take over my body like off of Insidious? When you Astral Travel you are told to create a protected ball around our body to block things like that out. But we do have that naturally. It's best not to stay away from our body that long. Try not to worry.


Note: You can cast a protective circle before you Astral Travel to make you feel better. Plus it's easier to Astral project if you do it with no fear, the fear will hold you back.

How do I Astral Travel or Project? There are many ways to do this. But this how I do it: 1. I relax. I find a nice place to relax to sit or lay. 2. I focus on my breathing to help me relax. (I count) Breath in 5 sec , hold for 4 , than exhale for 5 . But than I make the seconds longer. As I do this I relax. 3. I close my eyes and stay focus on my breathing. 4. I look at the black of my eyes, meaning the back of my eyelids and I begin to fade into it. (At this point you may feel your heart chakra opening) (You will feel light)

At this point, you have faded out of your physical body and should now be looking at it. You should see a silver cord connecting to your physical body's belly button and your Astral self.

Note: When you first start out you might want to practice going in and out of your body before you decide to travel anywhere else. But after that, you are able to travel at the speed of thought. For some, this may take some energy so you might want to eat or have a drink after you are done.

****Remember everyone has a different way of doing this, pick the way that works for you*****

So if anyone has any questions post those in the threads, if anyone wants to add some info share them in the threads. Also, share how you Astral Project.


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Nov 08, 2019
i need methods help pls.?

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