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A meditative exercise contributed by Oakwulf..

Astral Projection and Dreams...

When we dream, we have out-of-body experiences on the astral plane. Conscious astral projection involves getting into a meditative state, moving your astral body out of your physical body, and traveling around on the astral plane.

Astral Body

Between you as spirit and your physical body there is an intermediate body known as your astral body. It is lighter and more changeable than your physical body. But the astral body has more shape and density than pure spirit. Your astral body may often be recognizable as your human form, but it can also change appearance, shift shapes, and do fun things like moving through walls.

Astral Plane

The world between the physical and spiritual world is known as the astral plane, or the astral. While it is commonly referred to in the singular as the astral plane, there are actually many different levels of the astral, or astral planes. We move through these astral planes in our dreams.

Astral Travel

The astral world is much more fluid than the physical world. Astral travel is not bound by the limitations of time and space. You can visit different dimensions and travel to past or future experiences on the astral. For many people, it is also easier to connect with deceased loved ones on the astral.

Astral planes vary from the ordinary, to the phantasmagorical, to the divine. Defying easy definition, the astral planes intersect with both physical reality and the symbolic realms of the dream world. Astral travel can take you to dimensions beyond your imagination.

Astral Dream Experiences

Your astral body plays a key role in creating new developments which have not yet manifested in your physical life. The astral is like a giant laboratory in which you experiment with your life and your creations.

The astral can also offer great insight, as it allows you to come at things from a different angle. Astral dream experiences allow you to see things from a different perspective than your normal awareness. As a result, astral dreams can be especially useful for working on situations that--for one reason or another--may be difficult to face directly in daily life.

Astral Projection Meditation

Astral projection typically involves getting into a meditative state so you can consciously move your astral body out of your physical body. With practice, astral projection allows you to develop greater awareness of out-of-body and astral experiences.

These are simple directions for an astral meditation that is suitable for beginners...


Preparing the Space, Preparing Yourself...

Find a quiet, comfortable place for yourself--where you will not be disturbed. Create a relaxing atmosphere. You may want to light a candle, burn incense, or play some quiet, soothing music in the background. Begin to relax in general. Take some deep breaths and perhaps do some light stretching. Sit upright in a comfortable position with an open posture.

Part I: Aura Meditation

Get yourself centered and grounded by doing the Aura Meditation in How to Meditate. You will also need to repeat this after your astral projection meditation.

Notice how you experience yourself before doing the Astral Projection exercise. Then close your eyes and focus your attention inward...

Part II: Astral Projection Meditation...

Be aware of your body. Notice how you experience the density of your physical body. Then be aware of your aura about an arm's length all the way around your body. Notice how you experience the lightness of your spiritual energy. Then start to open up your awareness of an intermediate body between your physical body and you as spirit. Notice how you experience the vibration of your astral body.

Allow yourself to shift your awareness to your astral body. Be present in your astral body.

Float your astral body up to a corner of the room. Be present in your astral body in that upper corner of the room. From that upper corner of the room, be aware of your physical body down below you, sitting in the chair. Notice how you experience your physical body down below you.

Then float your astral body up through the ceiling and be on the roof of your building. Be aware of your astral body standing on the roof of your building. On the roof, move around a bit in your astral body. Notice how you experience being in your astral body. Be aware of the world around from the roof of your building. Notice how you experience the world from your astral body.

Then bring your astral body down through the roof and be in an upper corner of the room again. From the upper corner of the room, notice your physical body sitting in the chair below you.

Float your astral body above your physical body. Notice what it's like to be above your physical body. Then gently lower yourself down into your physical body. First be aware of being in your astral body in your physical body. Then allow yourself to shift your awareness to your physical body itself. Allow yourself to come back fully into your physical body.

Part III: Repeat the Aura Meditation

Get yourself centered and grounded by doing the Aura Meditation in How to Meditate. Draw all of your energy back from above you. Feel your feet on the floor. Feel your legs, torso, arms, neck and head. Be aware of your aura an arm's length around your body. Notice what it's like to be grounded back in your body.

When you feel ready, take a few deep breaths, gently open your eyes, and slowly begin to move. Notice how you experience yourself after doing the Astral Projection exercise. Give yourself some time to integrate this experience and enjoy being relaxed before moving on to other activities. (Especially after you first start practicing this meditation--you may want to journal your experience, have a cup of tea, or go for a quiet walk.)

If you practice astral meditation on a regular basis, it will become easier to do and your out-of-body experiences will gradually become clearer.

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May 31, 2019
What does that mean... Authorship lost...?

Jun 01, 2019
the user was so old, and deleted their account so long ago, it's no longer archived as to who the person was who wrote it.

Apr 22, 2021
Hey Nekoshema...I want to ask somthing. I am new in this I have been doing energy manipulation for like 4 monthes and it work..the thing is that can I try astral projection now or should I do it later when I am more experienced?

Apr 23, 2021
Yes, you can, but it's helpful if you can meditate for long periods. Don't get discouraged if it takes a few tries, you need to get into a deep state of relaxation.

Apr 24, 2021
Thanks for the information 😊

Jun 10, 2019
'' Authorship information for this article was lost when we cast a love spell wrong and all records got destroyed in a fire. Let that be a lesson for us all.'' i love it.

Apr 01, 2020
Though it was not what happened it is both funny and it shows to be carefuk

May 29, 2020
Which how to meditate?

Apr 05, 2023
You can get a better idea when you go on YouTube, try doing the simple steps.

Nov 26, 2020
If I may add, astral projection can be dangerous (as any spell or gift can be) if you are not properly centered, or doing this with ill intent. I know its a given, but younger people may try it and aren't ready for the experience. Please be careful.

Jul 30, 2023
Excellent advice. Grounding (building a firm foundation) is very important. Reckless and pointless behavior has it's own direct/indirect consequences in all one does in life.

Mar 19, 2021
It is hard to get into trouble using basic astral travel. The farther one attempts to go there are usually veils one must pass through blocking access to dangerous experiences. Know your colors. Keep in mind that the farther and deeper one attempts to go you are opening yourself up to two or more directions of communication. Don't accept at face value that everything you experience is good or true. It IS possible to get lost or tricked along the way.

Apr 22, 2021
Thank you for the information OwO

Apr 24, 2021
Well, I have a few question about this practice. 1. Can I touch physical thing while being in my astral body? 2. what if somone disturbs my physical body while I am in my astral body? 3. What if I get scared while doing this? 4. What if somone like my mother try to *wake* me up? Will my astral body be snatched back or somthing? Or will I not notice it at all?? 5. What if someone moved my body? Like shift it or somthing??

Apr 24, 2021
Sorry for so many question I am just curious because I am new to this witchcraft thingy.😅

Apr 26, 2021
Don't be sorry, nothing wrong with questions. 1. As you improve with projection, it's said you can interact with the physical similar to spirits, but it takes a lot of energy 2. If your body gets disturbed for whatever reason [someone knocks on your door, enters your room, shakes your body] you'll instantly return to your physical. 3. If you get scared while trying to project, you'll be locked in your body. When I began, I would start to project, but get scared and be jolted back into my physical self. 4. As with question 2, you'll instantly return the second your body sense someone/something nearby. 5.Again, it isn't like Avatar when Zuko steals his physical. The second your physical senses danger, you return. It has natural spiritual defences in place which will sense any change in your room as a threat and call you to return to your physical.

May 09, 2021
Thanks for clearing it up for me😊

Jun 30, 2021
I astral traveled twice (second time I was aware of of my surroundings but was still fearful). Due to having fear, I seemed to locked in my body- if I get over my fear, will I be able to astral travel again or am I locked forever?

Jul 29, 2021
I guess I’m gonna try this. I’m psychic and a fortune teller, if I can astral project I could see so many things!

Apr 05, 2023
I accidentally did when I tried to force myself to sleep it was like my body wasn’t tired but my brain was, and when I did it I sat in my bed thinking I couldn’t sleep I look around my room and see this dude sitting on the end of my bed and I was all like “who the hell is this!?” I look behind myself and see myself(my physical body) and I’m all like “I DIED!!!OH NOOO!” And I went back into my body with no problem but it felt like my body was numb all over because the whole body felt as if I sat on myself for a long time. Smh!!😭😭😭

Jul 29, 2021
I think astral projection is the next step of my journey

Aug 10, 2021
Ok! I have quite a few questions: 1) Will you be able to see (and communicate with) other people who are astral projecting whilst you are? 2) How long does it takes to fully manage to detach from the body? 3) What are the astral planes? 4) If you are attacked whilst projecting, will you feel the pain and will it harm your physical? 5) How do you get back to your physical? 6) Adding on to 5, what if you cannot return to your physical? 7) Can you interact with things (like open doors etc.)? 8) How do you know when you've reached the vibrational state? 9) How do you travel in astral form? Is it like walking? Thanks!

Aug 13, 2021
I answered most of these in the spell section, but regarding the new ones 8. You should feel like you're starting to float. Kind of like when you slowly sit up, how your body feels lifting from the bed, that's what the vibration state feels like [for me, anyway] 9. Personally, I float around, but some people walk, or transform their astral form into something else [bird, dog, werewolf] and move that way.

Nov 20, 2022
I have been trying AP for some time now. When I do feel relaxed after meditation, I can only get to the vibrational state, as I feel the movement of lifting, my brain thinks it is my physical body that is lifting, so I always end up physically lifting my arms, legs or whatever. How do I enter the next stage?

Jan 01, 2023
can one float away

Jan 01, 2023
so the other night i acedentally done this im not gonna lie i was scared then after i felt cozy and continued through how can one control it

Jan 01, 2023
Practice, really. Try replicating the steps you took to do it. Do you remember the stage of sleep you were at when this happened?

Nov 18, 2023
Pls, how can I start practicing energy manipulation?

Nov 18, 2023
As with all things, start at the beginning. Gather information. Read every book you can get your hands on. In all honesty, by asking how to begin, you have already begun!

The trick isn't so much getting started, as all that takes is to make the decision. It is getting going that can be the hard part. It takes time to find sources of information. More time to start understanding what you find. But practice as you go. Do what you find and learn. Change what you do and refine your practice a bit at a time as your information grows. You aren't going to find one piece of information then dive in knowing all there is. You are going to learn some stuff, try some stuff, some will work and some won't, and experience itself will be your teacher.

Some books that got me on my way; Hands of light by Barbara Ann Brennan. Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Wheels of life by Anodea Judith (phd). Power versus force by David R. Hawkins.

Dec 26, 2023
can i use this to enter the I AM state?

Dec 29, 2023
I suppose the process could be pretty similar. You would just discard the 'separation' parts of the meditation and instead contemplate other ideas like 'What would it be like to be nothing but consciousness? No senses other than thought and awareness'.

The trick would be to contemplate such an idea, without trying to define an actual answer. Just let the thought roll around in your head as you reach the vibration stage. Let the 'vibes' settle. Let your physical senses drift away and grow distant. Think about the idea of the void and imagine what it might be like. Ask yourself questions and pose yourself simple 'what-if's'. And see where it takes you.

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