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Banishing Spells  1128 spells 
Binding Spells  585 spells 
Conjuring Spells  816 spells 
Contact Spells  483 spells 
Defense Spells  1049 spells 
Dream Spells  667 spells 
Enchantment Spells  798 spells 
Energy Spells  1713 spells 
Force Spells  440 spells 
Nightmare Spells  127 spells 
Peace Spells  533 spells 
Power Spells  1332 spells 
Protection Spells  1756 spells 
Summon Spells  992 spells 
Warding Off Spells  387 spells 

These spells are the heart of the matter. This is where the real power lies and where real magic thrives. Anyone can cast a good luck spell and with a bit of practice can cast love spells to make an intern fall in love with the president, but these spells, the spiritual spells are another matter.

Do not attempt to cast these spells until you have at least cast several other spells successfully. Where most other spells when they fail have little or no consequences, when these fail they will leave devastating effects.

When in doubt it is better not to cast the spell. Do not attempt to cover the mistakes of one spell with another spell, this is most dangerous here as well. The spells in this section are not for amatures. You have been warned.