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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Dream Spells

Although these spells are in the spiritual category of spells, they are not as deadly or difficult to cast as most spiritual spells.

Instead these dream spells are more fun spells. With them you can implant dreams into other people's minds, or even nightmares!

Mis-cast spells can lead to years of nightmares though, so beware of casting these spells correctly.

More Free Dream Spells

Dreams and Nightmares
Have Good Dreams
Hyena familiar
Life Renewal
Mugwort used for;
Oil of Luck
Peaceful Dream
Peaceful Dreams
Sleep Spell
Speak fluently in any language
Stop Nightmares
Sweet dreams are made of these
The Night Dream
Totem Animal Dream
Wonderland Spell
Anti-Nightmare spell
A Teleportation
Banishing Nightmares
Bene valeas et quiescas somnus
Calm Dream
Choose what you dream
Colors of Power
Dragon Spell
Dream Charm
Dream Discovery
Dream Guidence
Dream Influencer
Dream Invader Protection
Dream of Me
Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Dream of The Book Character
Dream Protection
Dream Speak
Dream Tower/Spirit Column
Dream Walking
Enter the Dream World
Fairy Dreams
Get the Truth
Get Tired Spell
Go To Sleep Routine
Heavenly Rest
High Seat Rite
Jellyfish Vision
Love Dream
Make Someone Dream of You
Moon Light Eyes and Wolf Eyes
Peaceful Dreams
Peace Serum
Psychic Dreams
Remember Dreams
Reveal What Someone Thinks
Self-sleep Spell
Sleep One
Spirit Animal
Stay awake
To End Confusion or Find Truth
To Have Dreams Of The Deceased
To Protect a Sleeping Mind
Voice Simulator
Wyrd Scrying
A Covet Candle
A Mermaid Spell
Angels and Prophetic Dreams
Animal Guardian Dream
Anti Nightmare Chants
Appear in a White Room
A Simple Wish Spell
A Sleep Spell (By Insidious)
Astral Travel
A trance
Be a Mermaid
Become a Mermaid
Become a Pokemon
Become a Witch
Become A Wizard
Become the ''Dream You''
Beginner Dream
Body Sleep
Breathe underwater
Bring Monsters in your Dream
Bring Nightmares
Cancel Something
Claire Anne Carr Singing
Clear a Diary or Notepad
Contact in dream Spell
Control your Dreams
Create an Elemental Tiger
Cupids Delight
Curse of Nightmare
Dragon Transformation
Dream Hopper
Dreaming of the Past
Dream Message
Dream of Anything
Dream of me
Dream of Silent Hill
Dream of the Future
Dream Powers
Dream Recall
Dream Remembrance Spell
Dreamscape Answers
Dream the Persons Dream Spell
Dreamwalking - Rainsong
Easy Prophetic Dream
Elemental Blood
Enter Your Favorite Story
Every Witch Way Spell
Fairy of Water
Find your Spirit Animal
Flying (No Wings)
Focusing for Jobs and School
Full Moon Dream
Future Dreams
Get Any Power
Get the Dream Back
Give Someone a Dream
Gods of Night Time
Help You Sleep
How to Conjure Weapons
How to Meditate
Hypnos's Nightmare Hex
Interpret Dreams
Kin Memories Jar
Lucid Dream Bag
Magic Door
Magic Flower
Make a Broom Fly
Make a Wish
Mermaid's Song
Messenger of Darkness
Mind Reader
Morpheus Guided Dream Spell
My mermaid spell
Nightmare # 1
Nightmare Illusion
Nocte Dolor
Nyx Astral Projection
Otherkin Memory Bottle
Past Lives Spell
Peaceful Sleep
Peace in The Room
Phoenix Creation
Powerful spell booster spell
Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams Spell
Psychic Instruction Level 2
Psychic Sight
Qalilanaan Alqutt Fata
Reality Creation
Remember Past Lives Oil Blend
Rest in Peace
Runic Attuning
See Things Clearly
Send a Nightmare
Shape Shifting
Simple healing spell
Sing to angels
Sleep and Lullaby
Sleeping Spell
Sleep Pillow
Sleep Spell
Sleep Spell
Sleep Tight
Sleep Trance
Someone Dream of You
Soulmate Dreaming
Spell to Dream of the Future
Spirit Animal
Spirit Summons
Stay Awake
Sturdy Sleep
Summon a Dragon
Summon a Pet Familiar
Summon a Vampire in Seconds
Summon Sleep Fairy
Summon the Boogie Man
Super Speed Shoes
Suppress Memories
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreans
Talking To Cats
Ten Times Beautiful
To Assist in Sleep
To Get What You Want
To have a Vampire Dream
Too envoke prophetic dreams
Travel to the Duat
Vision Meditation
Wake Up Early
Warrior Cats
What Happens Next
Wish Come True
Wish Spell
Wolf's Mind
Astral Travel In Your Sleep
Banish spirit (advanced)
Bewitchment Oil
Call of Illusion
Candle Wish
Contact Dead Loved One
Dream a Lost Love
Dream Charm Bag
Dreaming Sleep Spell
Dream Link
Dream of Me
Dream of True Love
Dream of Your True Love
Dream Protection
Dream Spell
Dream Spell
Dream Travel
Forget a Dream
Genie in a Bottle
Get What You Want
Good Night
Go to Sleep
Harleen's Dream Catcher
Help Sleep
How to get to Paradise
Invite Aphrodite
Look Into The Eye
Love Dream Spell
Make You Fall Asleep Fast
Mermaid Spell
Moon Magick
My Peaceful Sleep
New Life With Friend
No Bad Dreams Spell
Peaceful Dreams
Peaceful Dreams Spell
Power Inscence
See into the Future
See the Believeworld
Simple Nightmares
Sleep Spell
Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams
Spirital Connection
Star-Crossed Love
Summon a Succubus
Three Leaves Protection
To Get an Answer
To Send A Message In A Dream
Venus Succubus Spell
Wolf Dream
Make Someone Dream of You Spell
Scaraotschi-Preventing Nightmares
Dream Spell (To Dream What You Wish)
Protection Against Dream Invaders
Reveal What Someone Thinks of You
To boldly go where no man has gone before
Dreaming Exercise: Meet Your Unborn Child
FNAF Animatronic in Your Dreams
Goddess Prayer For Peaceful Sleep
How to get Information in a Dream
Nightmares/Protection While Dreaming
To Make Your Mer-Wish Come True
Wish Granting Powers ~My Spell~
Dream spell (Ward off nightmares)
To dream of your favorite Character
goddes night chant
animal spell
send someone a dream
summoning of the sandman
deaths touch
Get a Sibling!
Hunger Games Sleeping
Journey Into Dreams
Make Someone Dream of You
Palm Reading Guide
Peaceful Dreams
Power Of The Night
Simple Sleep
Sleep in Peace
Sleep Two
Spirit Dream
Summon a Dream Guide
Teach Someone a Lesson
To Make a Dream Pillow
Ward Off Nightmares
Animal Guardian Dream
Astral Realm Creation
A Theme for your Dream
Bay Leaves Spell
Call Dream Spell
Calming Sleep Potion
Choosing a Magical Name
Concentration Meditation
Dream a Certain Topic
Dream Control Spell
Dream Divination Spell
Dream Incantation
Dream Invader Protection
Dream Jump Spell
Dream of Me
Dream of Me Spell
Dream Power
Dreams of the Deceased
Dream Tea
Easy Sleep Spell
Eternal Lucidity for Dreams
Finding Your Spirit Animal
Getting Answers in a Dream
Godly Nightmare Protection
Griffin Creation
Helheim Travels
Insomniac's Sleep Aid
Know Your Familiar
Magick Spell Jar
Make what you want happen
Meditation Spell
Night Vision
Peaceful Dreams
Possess An Enemy
Remember a Dream
Remember Your Dreams
See into Someone's Soul
Simple Dreams
Sleep Chant
Sleep Protection
Spirit Release
Summon Spirits Spell
To Drive Away Bad Dreams
To Gain Prophecies
To Heal A Bruse
To Sleep
While you Sleep
100% Real Shapeshifting
Alternate of Choice
Andrews Mermaid Transformation
Angel Wings Prayer
Anti-Nightmare Chant
Anti-Nightmare Sash
Apple Love
Asking for the Dreams
Astral Projection Control
Astral Wolf Alternate
Basic Sleep
Become a Cat
Become an Angel
Become a Witch
Become a Witch spell
Become Superman
Bedtime Barrier
Birds Connection
Book Dream
Bring a Stuffed Animal to Life
Bring Nightmares
Bring One Into A Book
Cartoon Summon Spell
Clairvoyant Dream
Conjure A Ghost
Control Someone's Dream
CQ Dream Catcher
Create your own Wings
Crush Dream of Me
Cursed to Human
Death Wish Spell
Dream Barrier
Dream Elements
Dreaming of Love
Dream Message
Dream Message Spell
Dream of Destruction
Dream of one Who has Passed
Dream of the Future
Dream Oil
Dream Reader
Dream Recall
Dream Spell
Dream the same Dream
Dream Walk to Your Lover
Easy Sleep
Enchanted Dream Pillow
Escape the Earth
Fae Dream Charm
Fall Asleep Chant
Flight of Dreams
Flying Ointment
Friendship with Incubus
Get Answers in a Dream
Get the Answer You Want
Give Someone a Dream
Give Someone Nightmares
Go to Sleep
Have Dream Guy Come True
Herbal Sleep Aid
How to Make a Toy Come to Life
How To Summon A Bird Guardian
Identify Your Spirit Animal
In Someone Mind
Insouciant/mermaid spell
Lion Transformation
Lover's Dream
Magic Dream-Catcher
Magic Testing
Make an Imp Friend
Making Someone Dream of Death
Mermaid spell #2
Merman with Powers
Midnight Terrors
Moon Kiss
My Little Pony
New Moon Shifting Spell
Nightmare Aid
Nightmare Spell
No more Nightmares
One With Nature
Otherworld Spell
Peaceful Sleep
Peaceful Sleeping
Peace Meditation
Pokémon Creation
Prayer for better life
Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Sleep Spell
Psychic Dreams
Psychic Instructions Level 1
Psychic Spell
Realisic Dream Spell
Relax Meditation
Remember Your Dreams Jar Spell
Reveal your Heart to me
See Past Life
Shade Meditation
Sheep Sleep
Simple Sleeping Spell
Sleep Chant
Sleep or Knockout Spell
Sleep Spell
Sleep Spell
Sleep's Rest
Sleep Tight
Smoother Hair Potion
Speak to those across the veil
Spell to see the Magic kingdom
Spirit Animal Dream
Stay Awake
Stay Awake Whenever
Sudden Sleeping
Summon a Fairy
Summon a spirt to help you
Summoning spell
Summon Smile Dog
Super Powers
Super Strength
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Spell
Tail's Doll
Tarot Spell
The Most Powerful Word
To Contact a Spirit
To get what you want
To Love Again
To Reach a Goal
Transform into a Dragon
Turn Into a Unicorn
Vision Incense
Void Stare
warrior CATS
Water Divination
What Happens Next
Wish Come True Spell
Wish spell
Anti-Nightmare Prayer Spell
A Wishing Pod
Basic Sleeping
Brief Nightmares
Candle Light
Clearing Dreams
Draw a Dream Crush
Dream a dream
Dream Bottle
Dream Controlling Box
Dreaming Your Crush
Dream of a Loved One
Dream of the Dead
Dream of your Lover
Dream Pillow
Dream Question, Dream Answer
Dream Spell
Dream Tea Recipe
Fade Walking
Full Moon Love Spell
Get Sleep Spell
Get Your Considered Dreams
Good Singing
Go To Sleep Potion
Helping a Friend With Love
How to get Ice Powers
I Love You Dream of Me
Keep away Nightmares Spell
Live a Character's Life
Lost Soul
Lucid Dreaming
Memory Rock
Mermaid Spell
Negativity Be Gone Spell
Past Lives
Peaceful Dreams Spell
Peaceful Sleep
Put to Sleep
Seer's Potion
Silent Hill Dream
Sinful Delight
Sleep Chant
Sleep Potion
Sleep Spell
Soulmate Dream Spell
Spirit of the Constellations
Summon An Elemental Wolf
Summoning Spring Water
To Find Peace
To Rid Yourself of Pain
Unlock Your Wolf at Heart
Wish Dream
Enchanting Item for Good Dreams
Rose Ariadne's Dreaming Secrets Ritual
Artemisia Potion; Psychic stimulation tea
How to Meditate- guide meditation
Protect Yourself From Nightmares
Succubus/Incubus Girl/Boyfriend
Dragon Creation from egg to end
Dream of One Who Has Passed Through the Veil
God and Goddess Dream of Future
How to Fly on Command While Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming, or Controlling the Realms of Night
Prevent Nightmares with Gold and Dragon Statue
Turn your Enemy into a Laughing Stock
A Satchet to Prevent Nightmares
Potion Making 101: The Sleep Potion
To Gain a Vision of Your True Love
sleeping potion
create dream boy/guy spell
vampire spell


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