Warrior Cats

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Ever wanted to roam free in a Clan with other cats? You can, it is possible. Now, I suggest not picking a made up Clan (e.g. A Clan from a Fan-Made story).

Clans you can pick;

Note: You cannot pick to be a Deputy or Leader. You start off as a kit. You can come back to your human body whenever your ready and vice versa.

Casting Instructions for 'Warrior Cats'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Milk
  • Catmint
  • Sheded Cat Whisker
  • A strand or two of cat fur
  • Knowledge on Warriors
  • Three candles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Milk
  • Catmint
  • Sheded Cat Whisker
  • A strand or two of cat fur
  • Knowledge on Warriors
  • Three candles
This Spell has to have 100% belief contributed to the Spell. Also, don't eat anything at all if you wish to do this Spell.

1. Pour some milk into a saucer.
2. Sit cross-legged infront of the saucer.
3. Light the candle.
4. Meditate for 5 minutes, thinking about your cat form (cat fur you place in is not the breed of cat you will be!!), and how you'll grow from a small kit into a large and bold Warrior/a gentle and wise Medicine Cat.
5. Place the cat whisker on the milk's surface.
6. Put the cat fur in the milk.
7. Chant 4 times:
''My ancestors above, look down upon me.
For I am a cat you see.
StarClan I will condemn my life to you, and in return I want to live with your families below, and rise to be the best (Warrior/Medicine Cat) you've ever laid eyes on.
I will not gain Nine Lives, but I will fight for my life and territory.
My Clan shall be (Clans Listed in Description).
I shall live my life for you.
If I follow a dark path my life shall be taken in The Dark Forest's Paws.
At any time, if I wish to go back to my human life, I shall leave for the (Moonpool [EarthClan, ShadeClan, AirClan, DewClan, FireClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan], Mooncave [TreeClan and CloudClan] or Moonstone [ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan].)
Anytime I wish to return I shall drink my potion again and I shall sleep, to awaken in my at body.
I am a kit of StarClan, so mote it be!''
8. Drink a small amount of the milk (don't consumes the whisker or fur) and save some in a jar. Store the jar in the fridge (you can change the milk before it goes off, just keep using the same whisker and fur).
9. When you are ready to leave go to sleep.
10. When you wake up everything should be dark and you'll hear voices, your now a newborn kit. Don't force your eyes open, they'll open when they're ready. Remember for several moons you must stay in your Clan until your a Warrior. Your human body will still live it's life. If your Cat form dies you will go to StarClan. From there you may leave and enter your body as much as you want. Be warned, if you follow a dark path you will go to The Place of No Stars; The Dark Forest.


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Cats don’t shed whiskers

Mar 06, 2020
they do, they're just hard to find

And this is a dud

The book series that this is from (Warrior Cats) is really good, but this spell is outlandishly fake.

Anything is possible nothing is impossible and, can we use almond milk? My family doesnt belive in cows milk

Jul 12, 2020
1. Magick has natural limitations, things are impossible on the physical plane with Magick. Just because you grew up watching shows where magick is limitless, doesn't mean real-life magick behaves in the same way. Warrior cat's is a book [not real] and physical transformation contradicts nature, which goes against the rules of magick, and therefore also doesn't work. You could astral project and transform your astral self into a character, you could create a thoughtform in the image of the character, you could skry or visualize the world and being part of it, but you can't physically transform into one. 2. I find it a little amusing you think it's possible, but also worry not using cow milk is what will make the spell fail. Also, your family doesn't drink cow milk, I can assure you cow milk is real, so you can believe in it, just not use it. Anyway, answer to your question, you can use almond since it's a milk substitute.

Jul 13, 2020
Nekoshema I just realized... Your not turning into a cat you soul is going to another dimension and into a different animal

Jul 13, 2020
If you believe your spirit is going into another dimension and enters a cat and that's how the spell works, fine. I'm explaining the fact of magick on this plane is, it doesn't contradict nature. Even those who claim physical transformation is possible [some native religions claim it's a gift bestowed on the wisest shamans by the spirits] it's not a spell but a lifetime of spiritual work. Magick is simply an energy that charges energy to bring change, it doesn't affect the physical. Your actions coupled with the influence of the entry brings the change into the physical. If you want to pursue a spiritual path where after years of practice you can mentally shift into an animal, or you hope to find a spiritual answer to physical transformation, fine, but people need to understand Magick isn't like the movies. You can change your perspective and work with these energies as archetypes, astral werewolves/shapeshifters, or animal spirits to bring a change into your life. But, you also need to accept facts instead of stubbornly refusing to change. If you discover a once held belief is wrong, you need to change your perspective. It doesn't make you wrong, but you need to grow. Apply knowledge with wisdom. When I began, I believed in a few things I later discovered weren't possible, and I discovered things I thought weren't possible actually were.

You cannot physically transform into a cat or fictional character.

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