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Advertising on gives you the opportunity to reach 30,000 unique visitors, viewing over 400,000 pages each day. Advanced targeting functionality allows you to focus your ads to your chosen customer demographics. More and more advertisers are realizing that they must advertise on to reach their target audience.

We use Google Adsense as our primary adserving network. This allows you as the advertiser to target via Adwords to specific demographics either by age, location, gender or special interests. We further use Adsense channels to help you target to our members (aka people more communitiy orientated) or to guests (aka visitors who do not log into

To begin, you must sign up with Google Adwords. After you have signed up you create or upload your ads and then you can target them specifically for this website. Google has made it simple and straight forward so even brand new advertisers can quickly and easilly create ads and have them running live within minutes. And Google's content based matching makes sure your ads appear only on pages most relevant to your product or service.

Will Advertising on SpellsOfMagic reach your target audience?
The topics discussed on the site are anything and everything spiritually or occult related. Many members and visitors identify themselves as Wiccan or Pagan but a large number are just people looking for spiritual answers. If your product or service is anything spiritual or occult related you can be sure there is matching content on this site.

Here is a demographic breakdown of our visitors based on stats collected in January 2017. Stats are collected from Google Analytics. As of April 21, 2014 we have limited Analytic stats to a 50% sampling of page views. Advertisers with access to our Analytic data should keep that in mind. As of Feb 17, 2017 all visitors and page views are now recorded in analytics data.


Members make up 16% of the visits to the site, whereas Guest (visitors who do not log in) make up 84%.

Members are more interested in the social aspects of the site, whereas Guests are generally looking for quick information.

The average member visits 2x to 3x more pages per visit than Guests.
Page Views

This creates an interesting dynamic where Members only account for 16% of the visits, they account for 35% of all the page views.

You can target your ads to either Guests, or Members, or to both equally depending on who you think would be most responsive to your specific ads.

Typically Members are more interested in products and services which are much more professional and more in line with established Pagan rituals. Members are much more interested in the social aspects of the site and are less likely to click on ads.

On the other hand, Guests are much more likely to pay attention to your ads and visit your website. Guests come here looking for answers and are egar to find solutions.

Every visitor and every advertisment is different. Your best bang-for-buck can be achieved by creating two ads and target one ad to Guests and one ad to Members. This will allow you collect stats on each and help you determine where to spend your ad dollars more wisely.

A full 70% of visitors to the site are female. This is in line to the real world breakdown by gender of people identifing themselves as Wiccan or Pagan.

Age demorgraphics are fairly uniform across all age ranges. There is a tendacy for a higher percentage of visitors being female the higher the age group.

With less than 20% of our visitors being under the age of 18 we have a very mature and articulate audience.

Location wise, our visitors come from all around the English speaking world.

Approximately 65% of all pageviews/visitors are from the USA, about 5% from Canada. The majority of European traffic is from within the UK. Asia's traffic is mostly from India and the Philippines. Almost all of the African traffic is from South Africa with next to no traffic from South America.

Each and every one of these demographics are targetable via Google Adwords. You can also mix and match any demographics, for example, Females in Australia aged 18 to 35, this allows you the ability to create custom ads and ad campaigns for different demographics of people.