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Name: sweetfemme
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Greetings witches!
In 2009 I was given a chance for a new start in life.
After spending years of my youth in loneliness and in states of deep depression, I cast my first spell. On a full moon in August I cast a spell friendship spell. I was ready to shed my old life for a new one.
The first year yielded poor results, although the universe gave me company until I was able to meet my truest friends in life (all entered post-secondary a year after me). I started getting into craft, not knowing when I officially called myself a witch.
Then something bigger came along. There was a whole community of witches before me. Knowledgeable witches with years of experience and some new. We spent the sabbats together and some attended classes. It was a beautiful experience.
Unfortunately not all things last forever. My fate took a turn and I had to return home to my parents. Although I made the choice to return home, it was so hard to endure. I hated myself, my life, and felt myself fall back into a life of loneliness. It was a familiar loneliness I never thought I had to revisit again. I wanted life to be over.
There was a glimmer of hope. With my powers I was able to keep going and create a plan to turn my life around. While I worked away doing mundane work to push me forward, magick gave me my boost. A few months ago I moved back to the city where my friends still remained. Even made some new ones recently. I reunited with my old witch community. Friendship is one of my biggest needs and I wish to have deeper, closer bonds with people. If you enjoy chatting and want a deep friendship with someone who understands your craft, message me. If you are terribly lonely and need someone to fill your heart with joy and distract you from an existential loneliness, I am your girl. I am very cheerful and enjoy making wherever I go a homey place. You have a home here with me! We are a family!
*If anyone here works with Hekate, please message me, I want to connect with you*