Online Chatter!

The Chatter allows you to talk to other spell casters from all around the world.

Chat with anyone or with just the members of your Coven!

The rules are the chatter are simple. You must read the rules and agree to the rules before you can talk in the chatter.

Once you have passed the test you may Launch Chatter

Please note, that you can only have 1 chat window opened at once. Do not Launch the chatter if you are already using the on-page chat feature. Having multiple chatters open at once will cause some messages to vanishs.

People breaking the rules may have their account banned and removed from the site.

You must be logged in to use the chatter.

The chat box appear on the right hand side of every page, and you must be a member and logged in to use the chat. If you belong to a coven, or are a moderator, you will also have access to additional chat rooms.

The following features exist in the chat:



Begin your message with /me to do an action instead of saying something.
For example /me dances displays Guest dances instead of Guest: dances.

Private Messages
Begin your message with /pm [person] [message] to send a private message to someone instead of the entire room.
For example /pm petrarca hello sends just Petrarca the message hello.

Chatroom Redirect
If you have access to multiple chatrooms you can communicate to them from the main public chatroom. For example, typing
/coven [message] will send the message to the coven chatroom, regardless of which chatroom you are currently in. Likewise
/mod [message] will send it to the mod chatroom if you are a moderator.

You can combine all the features as follows: /coven /pm petrarca /me dances will display Guest dances to Petrarca only in the coven chatroom, if Petrarca is in your coven.