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Baby Spells  79 spells 
Career Spells  129 spells 
Confidence Spells  427 spells 
Fertility Spells  60 spells 
Forgetful Spells  97 spells 
Fortune Spells  431 spells 
Growing Spells  217 spells 
Job Spells  97 spells 
Memory Spells  183 spells 
Money Spells  393 spells 
Revenge Spells  478 spells 
Success Spells  369 spells 
Truth Spells  253 spells 
Wish Spells  1324 spells 

All these spells deal with aspects of life. Specifically life in a family and a career sort of way.

Since these spells all deal with the fundamentals of a person's life these are all long term spells. This means you will not see results today or tomorrow, but they will come, if the spells are cast correctly.

These spells are very much like the Beauty Spells where you must cast only the spell which is right for you. Casting the wrong one may have undesired effects, and casting more then one may cancel some, but not all effects of the first spell. You must always be sure to undo spells properly instead of trying to cast a new spell to fix an old one.