Top Rated Magic Spells

Top Rated Spells
Were-Wolf Spells Magick and Spell Casting
Power Spells Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Body Spells Simple Healing
Crush Spells Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Peace Spells Calming Princess Milk Potion
Fortune Spells Golden Wishing Ring
Bad Luck Spells Hexing Your Enemy
Crush Spells Easy Love
Wish Spells How to See Auras
Protection Spells Charm a Protective Necklace
Forgetful Spells To erase a painful memory
Enchanting Spells Create A Lucky Charm
Warding Off Spells Don't touch
Cure Spells Headache Banishing
Summon Spells Spirit Animal
Hurt Spells Life of Fear
Strength Spells Building up Magick Belief
Strength Spells Basic Healing Spell
Force Spells Energy Manipulation
Health Spells Basic Herbs for a Witches Cabinet
Force Spells Easy Psi Ball
Sun Spells Clear Day Chant

Top Viewed Spells
Attraction Spells Easy and Quick Love Spell
Crush Spells Easy Love
Wish Spells Become a Mermaid when you Touch Water
Success Spells Wishes Come True
Attractive Spells Desire Me
Money Spells A Very Powerful Money Spell
Erotic Spells Get Someone to Call You
Money Spells Win the Lottery
Attraction Spells Love You
Body Spells Telekinesis
Power Spells How to get Powers
Immortality Spells Become A Vampire
Attraction Spells Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
Attractive Spells Lust for Me
Conjuring Spells Become HALF Demon!
Truth Spells Reveal What Someone Thinks of You
Energy Spells Third Eye Open Wide
Energy Spells Shapeshifting
Diet Spells Lose Weight
Attractive Spells Beauty Spell
Attraction Spells Attract Him
Attraction Spells Come To Me Love
Flying Spells To Make Me Fly
Flying Spells Best Flying Spell
Memory Spells Smart Spell
Obsession Spells Deep Commitment Spell

Unrated Spells
Attraction Spells Hex to bring... "Discord and Darkness"!
Relationship Spells Complex love spell
Healing Spells Healing Candle
Body Spells Mermaid spell #2
Death Spells Sing-song, A song for Death
Strength Spells Agility
Fortune Spells How to make cinnamon incense cones
Fertility Spells Tree Empowerment
Enchantment Spells Happiness bath incantation
Good Luck Spells Blessed Book
Wish Spells Wish Bottle
Death Spells Spell of Destruction
Conjuring Spells Spirit Summoning Ritual Using Mirrors
Health Spells Karma Spell
Levitating Spells Levitation Spell
Healing Spells Banishing Spell
Banishing Spells Banishing Negative Energies
Summon Spells Summon and be in Contact with your Spirit Animal
Good Luck Spells Good Luck Potion
Banishing Spells Eternity Protection Charm
Protection Spells Classic Witch Bottle
Teleportation Spells Safe Travel
Mermaid Spells Mermaid Potion
Career Spells Intelligence Booster Potion (Home Herb Addition)
Friendship Spells Sisterhood Bonding
Career Spells Saint Jude Helping Hand
Enchanting Spells the triple opener
Hair Spells Ash Spell
Dream Spells Grounding
Mermaid Spells Real Mermaid Spell
Attraction Spells Heart Connection Spell

Newest Spells
Baby Spells Cause infertility in another.
Energy Spells Meditation Guide
Crush Spells Does your crush like you?
Wish Spells Summon an Elemental Dragon
Rain Storm Spells Make a Rain Storm
Fortune Spells Birthday Candles for Good Luck
Death Spells Make a Demonic Blade (Convexity Enchantment)
Health Spells Bath Ritual for Peace and a Good Night Sleep.
Protection Spells Permanent Protection Spell
Attraction Spells Let a friend text you back / unblock you
Health Spells Peace of mind spell
Attraction Spells Love oil spell
Crush Spells Lovers' Chant
Attraction Spells Simple Love Spell (Really Works!)
Healing Spells Pain relief spell
Wish Spells To Manifest Your Ideal Lover
Attraction Spells Family safety, protection and happiness spell
Peace Spells Peace and Manners Spell
Misfortune Spells Stop It
Success Spells 1 Bad luck curse
Enchantment Spells Charm An Object
Summon Spells Finding a Lost Object
Enchantment Spells Convexity Purification for body, spirit and energy
Death Spells Introducing: Dragon Convexity Magic
Were-Wolf Spells Belief
Enchantment Spells Telekinesis Spell
Summon Spells Bind a spirit to an object
Revenge Spells How to Curse Your Ex
Money Spells Attract money
Dream Spells Day dream spell
Attractive Spells A span spell
Summon Spells Working Summon The Wind Song
Healing Spells Mental Health Cleansing
Immortality Spells Real Working Vampire Transformation Spell
Attraction Spells Love spell / potion
Fertility Spells Fertile Field
Fortune Spells Scrying
Conjuring Spells Horus' Protection
Protection Spells Protective Enchantment
Peace Spells Reverse & Return
Healing Spells Banishing Spell