Top Rated Magic Spells

Top Rated Spells
Were-Wolf Spells Magick and Spell Casting
Energy Spells Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Healing Spells Simple Healing
Dream Spells Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Contact Spells Find Your Dragon Guide
Wish Spells Golden Wishing Ring
Bad Luck Spells Hexing Your Enemy
Confidence Spells Calming Princess Milk Potion
Success Spells Get an A on Test
Relationship Spells Easy Love
Wish Spells How to See Auras
Enchanting Spells Charm a Protective Necklace
Memory Spells To erase a painful memory
Enchanting Spells Create A Lucky Charm
Force Spells Don't touch
Energy Spells Building up Magick Belief
Healing Spells Headache Banishing
Summon Spells Spirit Animal
Binding Spells Life of Fear
Summon Spells Summon a Cat Familiar
Health Spells Basic Herbs for a Witches Cabin
Strength Spells Basic Healing Spell

Top Viewed Spells
Attraction Spells Easy and Quick Love Spell
Crush Spells Easy Love
Wish Spells Become a Mermaid when you Touch
Success Spells Wishes Come True
Attractive Spells Desire Me
Money Spells A Very Powerful Money Spell
Money Spells Win the Lottery
Erotic Spells Get Someone to Call You
Attractive Spells Lust for Me
Attraction Spells Love You
Body Spells Telekinesis
Relationship Spells Very Strong Love
Immortality Spells Become A Vampire
Power Spells How to get Powers
Attraction Spells Make Someone Think of you Nonst
Conjuring Spells Become HALF Demon!
Truth Spells Reveal What Someone Thinks of Y
Energy Spells Third Eye Open Wide
Energy Spells Shapeshifting
Diet Spells Lose Weight
Attractive Spells Beauty Spell
Attraction Spells Come To Me Love
Attraction Spells Attract Him
Flying Spells Best Flying Spell
Flying Spells To Make Me Fly
Attraction Spells Think of Me

Unrated Spells
Dragon Spells Dragon Spell
Body Spells Body Transformation
Defense Spells Protective Shield
Body Spells Physical and Spiritual Connecti
Fortune Spells Good Luck Charm
Force Spells Planet Control
Attractive Spells Beauty spell
Defense Spells Mind Guard
Protection Spells Purifying/Exorsicim
Protection Spells Protect your home
Body Spells Reiki vision
Hurt Spells Thou Shalt Be Punished
Death Spells Onion Money
Flying Spells Angel Wing Transformation
Strength Spells Black Blood
Attraction Spells Bring Them Together
Job Spells Wish/Luck Potion
Wind Spells Wind
Confidence Spells command a wand
Death Spells Invoke the Triangle
Conjuring Spells Summon a Demon; Make a Pact
Protection Spells Romanian protection spell
Glamour Spells Reverse Eye Color Change
Enchanting Spells Safe and Sturdy
Fortune Spells Vampire Insight
Wish Spells Magnify an Enchantment
Wish Spells Vampire Spell
Cure Spells Happiness potion
Body Spells Healing
Success Spells Brain Booster
Power Spells Werewolf spell

Newest Spells
Diet Spells Black death voodoo spell Duane
Diet Spells Black death voodoo spell Duane
Healing Spells Healing Stones of the Hedge
Attraction Spells Sweet Apple Enchantment Spell
Attraction Spells Candle Love
Healing Spells Fae Meditation
Attractive Spells clean hair spell
Attraction Spells Fluffy Friend Love Charm
Attraction Spells Fluffy Friend Love Charm
Body Spells Immortal
Body Spells Blessing of Aphrodite
Good Luck Spells luck spell
Confidence Spells Easy Luck Charm
Wish Spells Get your wish
Dragon Spells Dragon Transformation
Strength Spells Dragon confidence
Contact Spells the thought spell
Glamour Spells mouth to mouth kiss spell
Enchanting Spells Perfect temperatures WORKS!
Wish Spells Summon Ultimate power
Illusion Spells walk through 2
Defense Spells Protection For Exploration
Defense Spells Protection For Exploration
Defense Spells Protection For Exploration
Defense Spells Protection For Exploration
Summon Spells Spell To Summon Rain
Attractive Spells Confidence Nail Foil
Attraction Spells Love Talisman Spell
Attraction Spells Make somebody have a dream abou
Cure Spells Reduce stress mixture
Cure Spells Reduce stress mixture
Summon Spells full of spells of a book
Relationship Spells Soul bond tested works
Fortune Spells Bring love into your life
Memory Spells Neural link (Psychic) (Tested)
Strength Spells Invocation of Tiger Power
Teleportation Spells teleportation to anywhere
Illusion Spells room cleaning
Body Spells Lunae seal Creation
Strength Spells Cure weakness chant
Strength Spells Cure weakness chant