Top Rated Magic Spells

Top Rated Spells
Were-Wolf Spells Magick and Spell Casting
Power Spells Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Summon Spells How to find your Spirit Animal
Peace Spells Calming Princess Milk Potion
Memory Spells To erase a painful memory
Defense Spells Charm a Protective Necklace
Strength Spells Basic Healing Spell
Enchanting Spells Create A Lucky Charm
Wish Spells How to See Auras
Cure Spells Headache Banishing
Summon Spells Spirit Animal
Dream Spells Choose what you dream
Hurt Spells Life of Fear
Conjuring Spells Summon a Cat Familiar
Telekinetic Spells Ultimate Ki Technique
Energy Spells Building up Magick Belief
Force Spells Easy Psi Ball
Illusion Spells Colors of Power
Energy Spells Unlock your Aura
Sun Spells Clear Day Chant
Mermaid Spells Have a Siren's Voice
Wish Spells Good Day Spell
Dragon Spells Shifting Help and Methods
Protection Spells Binding Spell
Dragon Spells Dragon Creation
Forgetful Spells Dont Notice Me

Top Viewed Spells
Attraction Spells Easy and Quick Love Spell
Wish Spells Become a Mermaid when you Touch Water
Crush Spells Easy Love
Success Spells Wishes Come True
Money Spells A Very Powerful Money Spell
Attractive Spells Desire Me
Erotic Spells Get Someone to Call You
Attraction Spells Love You
Body Spells Telekinesis
Money Spells Win the Lottery
Truth Spells Reveal What Someone Thinks of You
Attraction Spells Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
Conjuring Spells Become HALF Demon!
Power Spells How to get Powers
Immortality Spells Become A Vampire *Works*
Energy Spells Third Eye Open Wide
Energy Spells Shapeshifting
Diet Spells Lose Weight
Attractive Spells Beauty Spell
Attractive Spells Lust for Me
Attraction Spells Attract Him
Attraction Spells Come To Me Love
Flying Spells To Make Me Fly
Flying Spells Best Flying Spell
Memory Spells Smart Spell
Revenge Spells To Break Up A Couple

Unrated Spells
Cure Spells Healing Potion.
Rain Storm Spells Elements Meaning: Water
Healing Spells Net Shield/Healing
Strength Spells Relaxation Ritual
Attraction Spells Attraction Incense
Cure Spells Healing Someone
Health Spells More Hunger
Force Spells Planet Control
Energy Spells Massacre's Soul Consumption Method
Mindreading Spells Imperious
Attractive Spells Beauty Of Venus Bath
Healing Spells Multi Purpose Powder
Rain Storm Spells Let it Rain
Fortune Spells 7 Day Luck Charm Bag
Wish Spells How to make your own working spell
Attraction Spells Love Chant
Rain Storm Spells Make a Light Storm
Were-Wolf Spells Werewolf Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Energy Spells Harness the Power of Mochi
Revenge Spells Threat
Protection Spells Amulet Protection
Flying Spells Winged Wolf
Hurt Spells Fuse a fiend with negative energy
Body Spells Wing Shifter Spell
Body Spells To See In The Dark
Attraction Spells Quick Love Command
Health Spells The Gassy Spell
Banishing Spells Curse Breaker
Revenge Spells The Black Dot of Vengeance
Conjuring Spells Rain

Newest Spells
Summon Spells Storms Invitation
Fortune Spells Banishing Bad Spirits
Attraction Spells Love Spell
Energy Spells Patience Enchantment
Success Spells Spell for Finals
Good Luck Spells Pencil Exam Charm
Strength Spells Transform Into A Bear
Relationship Spells M/M - Bring Gay Relationship
Health Spells Goal Body Type
Hurt Spells A Binding Curse
Healing Spells home protection Ritual (new)
Were-Wolf Spells become a wolf shifter spell (request)
Flying Spells Become a bird shifter spell
Wind Spells Control the wind spell
Glamour Spells Beauty Spell For Confidence and Self-Love
Growing Spells How to be a true "emo" Spell
Growing Spells How to be a true "emo" Spell
Attraction Spells goodluck on love life spell
Wind Spells Grow Wings (Pre-made Audio Track Spell)
Wind Spells Control air
Strength Spells Control the air element
Success Spells focus spell
Strength Spells Wind Guidance
Revenge Spells (untested)-revenge on enemy spell
Mermaid Spells Connect With Your Inner Mermaid
Defense Spells Wolf Pack/ Therian Pack Potion
Confidence Spells remove your pain
Energy Spells Enchant a pen
Healing Spells Healing Potion
Enchantment Spells Sea, Land, and Sky
Enchantment Spells Sea, Land, and Sky
Sun Spells God of speed SPELL
Death Spells Lancea De Ignis Inferni
Immortality Spells the vampire spell real 100%
Hurt Spells vengeance spell
Attraction Spells Afrodisiac Love Spell
Peace Spells Happiness
Telekinetic Spells Make a TV turn on by itself instantly spell
Body Spells Make your your hands cold instantly spell
Good Luck Spells Good luck