Top Rated Magic Spells

Top Rated Spells
Fortune Spells Golden Wishing Ring
Were-Wolf Spells Magick and Spell Casting
Energy Spells Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Relationship Spells Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Conjuring Spells Summon Your Own Elemental Wolf
Obsession Spells Think About You Spell
Healing Spells Simple Healing
Energy Spells Energy Manipulation
Strength Spells Calming Princess Milk Potion
Illusion Spells How to See Auras
Banishing Spells To erase a painful memory
Summon Spells How to find your Spirit Animal
Enchanting Spells Create A Lucky Charm
Protection Spells Charm a Protective Necklace
Healing Spells Headache Banishing
Summon Spells Spirit Animal
Hurt Spells Life of Fear
Bad Luck Spells Hexing Your Enemy
Energy Spells Building up Magick Belief
Strength Spells Basic Healing Spell
Force Spells Easy Psi Ball
Mermaid Spells Have a Siren's Voice
Job Spells Good Day Spell
Sun Spells Clear Day Chant
Snow Storm Spells Multiple Weather Spells

Top Viewed Spells
Attraction Spells Easy and Quick Love Spell
Wish Spells Become a Mermaid when you Touch Water
Crush Spells Easy Love
Success Spells Wishes Come True
Money Spells A Very Powerful Money Spell
Attractive Spells Desire Me
Erotic Spells Get Someone to Call You
Attraction Spells Love You
Money Spells Win the Lottery
Body Spells Telekinesis
Attraction Spells Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
Truth Spells Reveal What Someone Thinks of You
Immortality Spells Become A Vampire *Works*
Conjuring Spells Become HALF Demon!
Power Spells How to get Powers
Energy Spells Third Eye Open Wide
Energy Spells Shapeshifting
Diet Spells Lose Weight
Attractive Spells Lust for Me
Attractive Spells Beauty Spell
Attraction Spells Attract Him
Attraction Spells Come To Me Love
Flying Spells Best Flying Spell
Flying Spells To Make Me Fly
Memory Spells Smart Spell
Revenge Spells To Break Up A Couple

Unrated Spells
Attraction Spells Love Spell
Enchantment Spells Enhance magical power
Wish Spells Wish Come True
Money Spells Blood on the Money
Attractive Spells Love Candle Spell
Mermaid Spells Siren Chant
Fortune Spells How to make a blessed necklace Works for me
Death Spells The iadian method of forming energy objects for attacks and tasks (ABSOLUTELY WORKS)
Were-Wolf Spells Powerful Were-Wolf
Body Spells Mermaid spell #2
Wish Spells How to Make a Voodoo Doll
Power Spells To Become a Warlock
Peace Spells Born Agian
Illusion Spells Radiance
Attraction Spells To Allow Two Lovers To Be Together
Cure Spells Shadows Conumption
Attractive Spells Get Rid Of Acne and Other Imperfections
Banishing Spells irma cease
Healing Spells Transfer energy using aura
Snow Storm Spells Snow Spell 2018
Wind Spells Wind
Defense Spells Celestial Weapon
Telekinetic Spells Move objects
Wind Spells Air Curve
Good Luck Spells Enchant an Object for Good Luck
Healing Spells Summer Sun Jar
Defense Spells Basic Protection
Body Spells Relax Yourself
Wish Spells Good Luck Spell
Relationship Spells Love Potion for New Beginnings
Hurt Spells Potion to Get Revenge

Newest Spells
Defense Spells Basic Protection
Confidence Spells Love Potion
Fire Spells A Spell to help Determine how Fire Magic will work for you
Death Spells Potion to exorcise evil spirits
Peace Spells Fix abuse
Body Spells Spell to summon a symbiote
Body Spells Spell to summon a symbiote
Attraction Spells Call Water Spirits
Body Spells Dragon powers
Contact Spells Mabon Offering
Conjuring Spells Contracting with a spirit or demon.
Attractive Spells Love Candle Spell
Hurt Spells End Your Oppressor
Attractive Spells Bathe in Beauty
Success Spells Spell to Change Someone's Mind
Healing Spells Awaken Your Peace Meditations! With Waterbird
Healing Spells Ashes to Ashes Bone to Bone
Protection Spells Protection Charm for Werewolves
Body Spells Summon your Dragon soul
Friendship Spells Spell to increase emotions
Death Spells Vampiric corruption spell
Attractive Spells Persephone Lasting beauty spell
Were-Wolf Spells WereWolf Awakening Spell
Health Spells Vampire Protection Jewelry
Wish Spells Vamp it Up : Vampire Awakening Spell
Strength Spells CAT POWER SPELL
Healing Spells Minowe’s healing spell (tested)
Fortune Spells How to make simple protective bracelets with stuff you already have
Energy Spells Imbolc Ritual to Goddess Nyx
Conjuring Spells Calling Forest Spirit's
Healing Spells ***Animal (Cat/Familiar) Healing Spell***
Attractive Spells A glamour to make yourself look better under neon lights
Power Spells A spell to enchant jewelry
Attractive Spells Cookie love spell
Body Spells Werewolf Spell (tested myself/works)
Healing Spells A spell to ease throat pains
Healing Spells A minor healing spell
Protection Spells Divine Protection
Healing Spells Peace Bringing Potion
Relationship Spells A spell to be treated like a ruler