Become A Vampire *Works*

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This will make you a vampire. This is how I Became a vampire. It works I know it does
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Voice

Casting Instructions for 'Become A Vampire *Works*'

Say this at night 10 times:
''Blood red, pale skin, moonlight draw me in, quench my thirst, coarsing veins, let my body feel no pain''

After you say it you will be dizzy, and when after you're dizzy you're really energetic

Side effects:
Fangs ( not sharp but long )
Run faster
Blood cravings ( A LOT )
Sun is hotter than normal
Better feelings
Head, stomache aches and maybe teeth aches

Hope it works!

Added to on Jan 05, 2012
Last edited on Mar 26, 2018
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How long am I supposed to be dizzy exactly?
Feb 03, 2019
I'll let you know the outcome of how long u are dizzy for?
Love how it claims to work then the last line is 'hope it works'. Physical vampires aren't real. You are human. Study real magick so you know what is and isn't possible.
Feb 01, 2019
Anything can work as long as you believe it will and not to start anything but you did look up the spells for vampires so you must believe in them and want to be one.
Feb 01, 2019
No actually, I've never been one for vampires, I just don't like fake spells on the site so I tend to flag them and now that we can comment I can tell people flat out they are 100% fake. If you understood what real magick was you wouldn't say 'anythings possible if you believe' real magick is not like in the movies. It's actually quite boring to watch, it's more like prayer, you are calling on a nature energy for a natural change. Humans cannot physically transform, vampires are not physically real, therefore you cannot become a vampire with magick.
Feb 03, 2019
Just done the spell i am starting to go dizzy
Feb 03, 2019
Not to ruin the spell for you but have you ever heard of the placebo effect? The spell isn't called 'make me dizzy'. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, I just didn't want you wasting your time, but I suppose you need to experience it yourself. Let me know if anything else happens.
I could ask the same question aswell
As this spell is apparently fake,why is it on here
Feb 02, 2019
Because the site is set up that anyone can post spells and thy can only be taken down by the administrators of the site. People come to the site, check out these spells, and through ad revenue the site can run. So unless the spell breaks the site rules [promote harm, foul language] they stay up.
Doing the spell tonight can't wait
Feb 03, 2019
Let us know how it goes
Only half vampire at the moment.
Feb 09, 2019
You are human and not any part vampire.
Will it matter if i read the spell off of paper, or do i memorise it? It's always confused me
Mar 04, 2019
It won't matter because you cannot become a vampire, with a spell or otherwise. Vampires in the sense of this spell, do not exist, and magick cannot change you into something other than human.
Mar 29, 2019
I share with you all my knowledge to whom it interest, I believe we all want to live a wealthy, long lasting life or immortal. I am a pesach vampire. I only want to give guidelines to become a vampire with great skills, Though being a vampire has certain limitations, But it can also be a ton of fun. Your extra strengths and abilities can make you successful in almost every endeavor you participate in life and before you know it the money and acquaintances will come streaming in. You can build wealth and gain prestige and notoriety and attempt things you may never have even considered as a human. you will have more time to do alot, Beef up your education and learn all you ever wanted. Travel the world to see things most people only ever see on TV. This is going to be especially fun if you turn into a vampire. Clan vampires will show you the wonders of the world. Learn new languages, Travel, Go skydiving or scuba dive with sharks, You no longer need to be scared of nature or wildlife you will become the worlds strongest predator. Have fun with it and your life as a vampire can be more fulfilling than you ever dreamed of. Experience these and get excited. There?s a big world out there with lots to see and do and as a vampire once you have received the vampire Blood and Ring. Powers, Skills, Abilities, Mights you shall poses. The only way to have all these come through is contacting the hindu lord on the below e-mail:

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