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This will make you a vampire. This is how I Became a vampire.

Casting Instructions for 'Become A Vampire'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Voice

Say this at night 10 times:

"Blood red, pale skin, moonlight draw me in. Quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain."

After you say it you will be dizzy, and then after you're dizzy you'll be really energetic.

Side effects:

  • Fangs ( not sharp but long )
  • Run faster Blood cravings ( a lot )
  • Sun is hotter than normal
  • Better feelings
  • Head, stomach aches and maybe teeth aches 


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How long am I supposed to be dizzy exactly?

Feb 03, 2019
I'll let you know the outcome of how long u are dizzy for?

Love how it claims to work then the last line is 'hope it works'. Physical vampires aren't real. You are human. Study real magick so you know what is and isn't possible.

Feb 01, 2019
Anything can work as long as you believe it will and not to start anything but you did look up the spells for vampires so you must believe in them and want to be one.

Feb 01, 2019
No actually, I've never been one for vampires, I just don't like fake spells on the site so I tend to flag them and now that we can comment I can tell people flat out they are 100% fake. If you understood what real magick was you wouldn't say 'anythings possible if you believe' real magick is not like in the movies. It's actually quite boring to watch, it's more like prayer, you are calling on a nature energy for a natural change. Humans cannot physically transform, vampires are not physically real, therefore you cannot become a vampire with magick.

Feb 03, 2019
Just done the spell i am starting to go dizzy

Feb 03, 2019
Not to ruin the spell for you but have you ever heard of the placebo effect? The spell isn't called 'make me dizzy'. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, I just didn't want you wasting your time, but I suppose you need to experience it yourself. Let me know if anything else happens.

Sep 22, 2019
you know, you did start to spam a comment along the lines of- '' do not email this person, it is a scam.'' just to try and convince people that this spell wont work. Im not using this spell any time soon, but for goodness sake! just let people test it out! I dont want to be rude, but how magic works is opinion, not fact! oh, did I write too long? did you read this entire thing? well you just spent some of your life just reading.

Sep 22, 2019
Uh, did you read any of my responses because I have clearly explained multiple times why this is fake and will never work because magick doesn't contradict nature. We have more than enough evidence to prove it, and if you took the time to read my [or other members] responses you would know that. Second, they were scammers, I was unable to delete their comments due to a glitch, and to save people from losing money or getting hacked, I warned them it was a scam [we get tons of those and it's my job to delete and report them] if you insist on being ignorant to reality it's on you

Oct 21, 2019
but what most people forget, is that a vampire is not a species, there really cant be a term physical vamiper, becase it doest have its own catigorie, because doing the spell changes your body, telling you brain other wise, changing its self and how your body works, thats why true vampires may not be harmed by garlic or burn in the sun, have super speed or strength, but they do have way better hearing sense of smell, extra boost in speed and streangth, and as far as i know the sun only defects or weakens those abilities, plus the sudden migrane, and blood even though you dont need blood to survive, since being a vampire is only and tecnically a form of human it will only boost your energy and abilities. which also include better, heath, because ive been a vamiper for a while now and i know the boandries in what i can do, i have noticed that heath wise i dont get sick easily like the other students in my class, even when my mom and sibling got sick i wasnt fazed. now you can try to debunk this but if you want more information on this, email me or something.

Apr 20, 2021
4 years late but, when it comes to vampires, i think what most people over look when debunking them is that vampires and humans aren't separate creatures, vampirism is more like an extension of being human. now when we talk about the stereotypical type of vampire, like burning in the sun and stuff, i dont think thats very realistic, but on the other hand, using blood magic (which drinking blood could be a form of blood magic that allows stereotypical vampire to continue being immortal) to gain certain properties such as a little boost in physical strength, speed or even regeneration is a bit more realistic. especially when u consider each boost i just said can be done with blood magic. what im trying to say is vampires are real, but just not as exaggerated as people say it is. to be honest vampirism could just be an over simplified blood magic, voodoo combination of things that originated from trying to achieve immortality.

Apr 20, 2021
You make some great points, but the argument isn't ''technically, vampires are real if you adjust your worldview'' because that's what I and many users have been saying for years about these types of spells. Where the anger and refusal to believe what we say comes from is the belief you can turn into a blood-sucking creature of the night as sen in movies. Psi vampires are real, astral vampires are real, blood magick is real, combining blood magick with astral vampires, believing your spirit is a vampire reborn in a human vessel, becoming a vampire on the astral, dressing like vampires, using their symbolism as an archetype, all of these things are real and nobody is arguing they're not. What people are trying to tell new witches [and is seemingly ignored in favour of calling us names] is a human physically transforming into a blood-sucking vampire like in Interview With a Vampire, Twilight, Dracula, What We Do in the Shadows, Fright Night, Let Me In and so on and so on and so on. It will never happen because it's not how magick works on the physical. There's a long list of options if you shift your view, but people stubbornly stick to ''but I want to be this type of vampire, you just don't believe enough'' when we're trying to help you save time and energy and instead spend it on something plausible.

I could ask the same question aswell

As this spell is apparently fake,why is it on here

Feb 02, 2019
Because the site is set up that anyone can post spells and thy can only be taken down by the administrators of the site. People come to the site, check out these spells, and through ad revenue the site can run. So unless the spell breaks the site rules [promote harm, foul language] they stay up.

Doing the spell tonight can't wait

Feb 03, 2019
Let us know how it goes

Only half vampire at the moment.

Feb 09, 2019
You are human and not any part vampire.

Will it matter if i read the spell off of paper, or do i memorise it? It's always confused me

Mar 04, 2019
It won't matter because you cannot become a vampire, with a spell or otherwise. Vampires in the sense of this spell, do not exist, and magick cannot change you into something other than human.

May 27, 2019
Don't email this person, it's a scam

i did this spell and did not work on me

May 27, 2019
Don't email this person, it's a scam

I did the spell last night I feel dizzy and weak

any person can physically become a vampire you need a lot of belief and your right but certain magic can do certain things like telekinesis for example it just takes a lot of energy this is also the most popular spell on youtube

Jun 22, 2019
No, you can not. Magic is an energy found in nature that effects the energy around the spell caster to bring a desired natural change. Magic is a part of nature, governed by nature, and does not go against nature. You are human, and in accordance with the laws of the physical plane, you can not become a physical vampire. It is just a fact of reality. No amount of time, effort, or belief will physically transform you into anything.

also side effects can last to 2 weeks or more depending on the person

Jun 24, 2019
I think everyone needs to chill you can post on here anything you want as long as its appropriate opionions are diffrent but its dumb that you down on any spell you think is fake if its real or not it doesnt matter

Jun 24, 2019
It matters very much if something's real or fake actually. People who think vaccines are dangerous have cause measles to come back and spread at an alarming rate. Explaining why they're wrong and why vaccines are safe doesn't make you ''negative'' you're trying to educate and help people. As for spells, magick is nothing like what you see in movies, so when people with years of experience are trying to explain and inform new members what's possible with magick, we're not being mean, we are trying to help.

This is a very popular spell on YouTube and most likely does not work if you are really wanting to be come a vampire Science is your best hope or its possible that rituals work but your never going to find the ones that work on the ing or at a library so in modern times Science is most likely the only thing you could get for this to happen. I do think magic is real and vampires are even mentioned in the bible. However I still have more faith in science. But people magic is just science that we don't understand yet but what if science is just magic that we already know

You cannot physically become a vampire.

Will we die if we don't drink blood?

Aug 01, 2020
No, this is a fake spell.

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